There Are 12 Great Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now


There Are 12 Great Movies On Amazon Prime Right Now:

There are a lot of streaming services out there, but Amazon Prime Video may have the greatest number of movies. Right now, there are some excellent films on the service. As a top streaming service, Amazon Prime Video was a favorite among movie fans.

Apple and Netflix may have an edge when it comes to putting out their own movies, but Prime Video has the widest range of movies of any streaming service.

The catalog has some of the best new movies of the year, like John Wick Chapter 4 and Women Talking. It also has a huge selection of movies from years ago, in almost every type and style, including a few real classics.

Casino Royale:

In this soft remake of the long-running spy drama series, the simple formula of “more grit, no gadgets” saved the Bond brand in the end.

In contrast to Roger Moore’s performance as 007, Daniel Craig’s initial movie as James Bond remade him less of a handsome superspy and more of the flawed, violent, and emotionless government agent from Ian Fleming’s books.

It’s only fitting that the first book by Ian Fleming serves as the basis for this new version, with a freshly promoted Bond on the hunt for Le Chiffre, a funder for global terrorists, while the fate of the world hangs in the balance of a game of poker with the highest stakes possible. Craig’s run as Bond is over, but his first movie is still one of the best in the whole series.

Catherine Called Birdy:

People have different opinions about Lena Dunham as a director, but Catherine Called Birdy was a hit with audiences. The movie, which is based on the same-named Karen Cushman book, is about Lady Catherine, also known as Birdy, a 14-year-old girl who lives in medieval England who is determined to prevent her father from selling her off to a rich man.

Ramsey’s work in Game of Thrones as well as The Last of Us has gotten them a lot of praise, and their work within Catherine called Birdy should join these other great roles. As Birdy, they bring liveliness, humor, and charm to the movie, making Birdy’s battle feel authentic despite its historical setting.

As Birdy’s dad, Lord Rollo, Fleabag’s Andrew Scott is additionally great, and their chemistry was just as great as Ramsey and Pedro Pascal’s in The Last of Us.

Gone Girl:

Adapted from Gillian Flynn’s best-selling book, this mystery movie stars Ben Affleck as well as Rosamund Pike. On the 5th anniversary of her marriage to Nick, Amy Dunne goes missing. All the signs point to Nick killing her.

Nick has been saying he is innocent, but his lack of transparency, bad media appearances, and some signs that point to his crime make him appear even worse. Is he saying the truth, though?

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Gone Girl, one of David Fincher’s best movies, was based on Gillian Flynn’s best-selling book of the same name. It was a huge hit with both viewers and reviews. The lead actress, Rosamund Pike, really shines in this intense movie, even though Ben Affleck does a great job as the husband of a missing woman.

Although it’s confusing, scary, and full of twists and turns, the movie asks some intriguing and rather dark inquiries regarding the state of modern relationships without losing any of its entertainment value. It’s mainly an interesting mystery that will keep you guessing till the very end.


It’s exciting to see that Jordan Peele hasn’t lost the power to make people feel the pure fear of seeing something that isn’t there, even though he now makes movies with big budgets.

This movie, Nope, is one of those increasingly rare ones where the heavy air of mystery doesn’t get annoying. Instead, it makes great use of our natural desire to understand the unknown, even if we know it will hurt us.

Even though its characters aren’t very well developed and its themes seem to change based on a lot of guesswork and extrapolation, Nope is still a lot more than the sum of its parts. It goes from being an alien invasion movie to a monster movie to a western adventure movie to a cosmic horror movie.

The Burial:

There aren’t many comedic moments in courtroom plays, but this one about funeral home director Jeremiah O’Keefe as well as his flashy lawyer Willie Gary going up against a big player in America’s “death care” system is funny in a dark way.

It’s not funny, though. Based on real events, Maggie Betts’s latest drama retells a real-life court case that showed how unfair funeral care was and how black communities were routinely being charged too much.

Even though Foxx and Jones are great throughout, Jurnee Smollett as Gary’s rival lawyer, Mame Downes, who always seems to be ahead of him, gives a performance that could steal the show. Even though it’s about death, The Burial is a very positive movie about life.


The movie Chicago, which won the Best Picture award, is about murder, fame, and jazz. Chicago, based on the same-named Bob Fosse show, follows Roxie Hart, a hopeful theater actress who gets jailed for killing her lover, Fred Casely.

Roxie needs help from the sharp-tongued lawyer Billy Flynn because she is facing the death penalty. This causes trouble when her case draws more attention than Billy’s other client, the famous Velma Kelly.

With its beautiful outfits and catchy, exciting songs, it is impossible not to get caught up in the glitz of Chicago. The movie won five other Academy Awards besides Best Picture. Zeta-Jones got Best Supporting Actress.

This is one of her finest parts, but the whole Chicago group is great. Queen Latifah is great as the evil but kind Mama Morton, and John C. Reilly is great as the innocent Amos Hart. Chicago is a real movie show.

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Blade Runner:

A thriller set in the future with Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer, and Sean Young in the lead roles. In 2019, four deadly robots got away from a space station and are now looking for their maker on Earth in Los Angeles.

Former police officer Rick Deckard, who is highly skilled at distinguishing between people and “replicants,” is assigned the task of locating the androids. Since he began directing movies in the 1970s, Ridley Scott has had a bit of an up-and-down career, but Blade Runner, which had a huge impact on film, is one of his true works.

This movie version of Philip K. Dick’s sci-fi story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? has a dark film noir look. It essentially created a completely new style that has been widely imitated but may never be surpassed.

Harrison Ford plays the tired police officer Rick Deckard, whose job it is to find replicant bioengineered humanoid creatures that are often smart and strong beyond human levels.

The movie raises many important questions about who we are that are still very important today, and Rutger Hauer’s famous last scene is still one of the best talks in movie history. Initially, the movie did not achieve great success, but it is now rightfully regarded as a true classic.

Nothing Like Paris:

One day, Filipino lovers will stop using tropes that make their stories keep coming back to the same endings, which weakens the bold story ideas they are built on.

It’s still not free, but Nothing Like Paris takes a more serious, modern look at love in the context of migration and loneliness, which is surprising given that director Sigrid Andrea Bernardo has worked with the lead players before.

These two artists show that subtlety always allows for a more complicated feeling than ugly crying, as well as pretty, empty motions. They explore the idea of a marriage based on shared country and language in a very grown-up way.


Michael Jordan is a real sports god now, and Nike’s Air Jordan sneakers continue to be a contender for best court shoe, but that wasn’t the case in 1984. It was Jordan’s first season, and Nike was about to shut down its basketball shoe business.

A talent scout for the shoe company Sonny Vaccaro has found a rising star within North Carolina who could make things better. He just needs to persuade everyone else that Jordan was worth the company’s bet.

That didn’t work out, so thank goodness Air isn’t just a two-hour shoe ad. While Damon, Bateman, and Tucker, as well as director Ben Affleck, all give good performances, Viola Davis’s portrayal of matriarch Deloris Jordan is by far the most captivating and powerful, even if she isn’t given enough screen time.

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Alex Convery’s script keeps the drama focused on the individuals and their stories rather than the corporate world. These days, there are so many series and hits that it’s hard to find movies like Air that focus on the characters. That makes it all the more pleasant.

Sound Of Metal

Since his big part in Nightcrawler, Riz Ahmed has become known for playing dark, troubled characters. In Sound of Metal, he gives the performance of a lifetime. He portrays Ruben Stone, an experimental metal drummer who is losing his hearing.

Ruben is trying to come to terms with the fact that he is going deaf. He has to choose whether to obtain cochlear implants or stay with the group of deaf people who are healing from addiction.

Ahmed received numerous award nominations, including an Oscar, for his portrayal of the unhappy Ruben. Many other aspects of the movie received praise, particularly the sound mixing, despite Ahmed stealing the show.

The movie Sound of Metal received nominations for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture. It won for Best Sound as well as Best Editing, which were both well-deserved wins.


Satirical comedy with Andy Samberg as the lead. Conner used to be in a boy band and is about to release his second, more tough record by himself. Success is not a given when you get bad reviews and make bad business choices.

In 2016, this comedy movie may not have gotten a lot of attention and did poorly at the box office, yet it has since become a fan favorite for good reason.

The fake documentary follows the career fall of pop star Conner4Real, who used to be in the pop rap group The Style Boyz. It stars Andy Samberg, Jorma Taccone, and Akiva Schaffer, who are all from The Lonely Island.

There are an amazing number of jokes per minute as well as an entire album full of funny songs in this over-the-top, silly comedy. It also has a huge number of cameos by famous people, who all had to know they were getting into something special.

Ten Little Mistresses:

Ten Little Mistresses is the first original Filipino film on Prime Video. The film can feel like it is caught between being a fun idea for a movie and a full-fledged story. Like a lot of mystery comedies, this one relies more on its big turns and famous actors than on a good story or theme.

Surprisingly, though, the film went down easier the faster you accepted this. It is a loud and proud example of camp comedy, and even the silliest and most out-of-place parts feel like a true expression of Filipino humor.

It doesn’t try to appeal to a Western audience that might be looking for something more familiar. With actors competing to out-chew the scenery, it’s difficult not to become engrossed in the madness.