There are two good reasons to postpone Windows 11 update to version 22H2 until October


There are many good reasons to install the Windows 11 22H2 update; and, the most impatient, without a doubt, will not have been able to wait for Microsoft’s progressive deployment and will have resorted to some of the tricks available to speed up its installation. However, there is also at least two good reasons to put it off for a few weeks, and wait until October to update our equipment. They are the following:

  • Los ‘early adopters’ (the first users to install a new feature or app) they are the first who can show off, but they are also the ones who ‘pay the hazing’, since sometimes (and Microsoft knows a lot about that), updates end up needing urgent updates to fix some bug that causes them to fail to install; We have already seen a couple of users on Twitter talking about blue screens and crashes after (or during) the installation of 22H2. If you’re not one of the ‘impatient’ types, you may want to set Windows Update to pause updates for a few weeks.

So, waiting until October, we can Enjoy the new Windows 11 experience in one fell swoop, without going step by step, and avoiding suffering some other possible bug. Now, let’s take a look at those new features we mentioned…

How to fix problems or failures when installing updates in Windows 11


Hey, there’s (not yet) a tab in my browser

The users we have been asking for the tabs function in Windows Explorer for yearsa function that was already offered by all the main file managers by default for Linux and most third-party alternatives in Windows (the free ‘Files’ application, in fact, has achieved great popularity in recent years, presenting itself as an ‘Explorer With eyelashes’).

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And when we all hoped, finally, to be able to have this feature with the release of the 22H2 update, we have learned that the landing of this function would be postponed approximately one month. But hey, all’s well that ends well, and the main image of this article (see above) shows what it will look like when we can enjoy it on our computer, with look very similar to tabs in other Microsoft apps, like the Edge browserreplacing the title bar and not below it:

A new Photos app

The other great change that awaits us in October comes from the hand of the a 100% new ‘Photos’ app (having already undergone a redesign with the release of Windows 11), which seeks to simplify browsing, managing and searching for photos with a new ‘gallery’ viewaesthetically improved and a new ‘Memories’ function, which allows us to group images chronologically into albums and highlight our favorites.

Photo 1

In addition, we facilitates both the import and management of our photos also from external sources (such as our camera or our smartphone) like backing up photos to OneDrive (Visibilizing our percentage of use of its storage).


In any case, if the change does not convince you and you still prefer the old version of Photos, from Microsoft they clarify that it will continue to be available in the Microsoft Store (such as ‘Microsoft Photos Legacy’). And you might want to use it, because Microsoft will also cut back on Photos’ current video-editing features, considering that field already covered by the new Clipchamp app.

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Minor changes also coming in October

  • Suggested actions when copying: When we copy text consisting of phone numbers or dates in the future and get suggestions for actions, such as making a call with Teams or Skype or adding an event in the Calendar app.

  • Taskbar Overflow: the Taskbar will offer an entry point to an overflow menu that allows us to see all your applications overflowed in a single space. Thus, specifically:


  • Share with more devices: It will be easier for us to share items with more devices, including desktops, through the sharing function.


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