There is a desire for Silksong: Hollow Knight breaks its player record and Team Cherry alerts for news


The original title has marked a new number of concurrent players on Steam while we wait for the sequel.

With the undaunted desire to end up seeing something new from Silksong sooner or later, players seem to have come together to catapult the original Hollow Knight to a new record. the title of the Team Cherry it’s available on all major consoles, but it’s on PC where it seems to continue to be on the rise.

If we look at the data that Steam DB collects, Hollow Knight has marked a new player peak on Valve’s platform just a few days ago. Specifically, this May 7 exceeded the highest figure to date to register a record of 20,324 concurrent users in the game.

A considerable increase in players has been observed on SteamAt the time of this writing, there are over 12,000 people playing it on Steam, which has to do with many factors, such as the Valve Store sale, the popularity of No-Hits and the want to see Silksong. A desire that has been enhanced with the last words of the development team.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

In a post on the official Unity blog on the occasion of the Unity Awards 2021, Team Cherry has left some hopeful statements. “We are very grateful that Hollow Knight: Silksong has won the 2021 Unity Award for the most anticipated game, and we greatly appreciate all the fans who support us as we work on the game,” they comment.

“Thank you very much. We are looking forward to the day when we can share the game with you. I’m sure there isn’t much more to go!“, they conclude. The last sentence is precisely the one that has attracted attention, especially when there is an Indie World scheduled for today by Nintendo.

All we know is that Hollow Knight: Silksong is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch for sure at some point, but there is no confirmed date yet. Of the game we barely have the first gameplay trailer with which it was presented in 2019, so it is possible that there have been big changes in all this time.

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