There Is A Free Concert In Wilkes Barre


There Is A Free Concert In Wilkes Barre:

Saturday night, a lot of people went to downtown Wilkes-Barre for a party because the sky was clear and there was rock and roll. At a free show that the city placed on in Public Square, a well-known band played.

The famous Canadian band “The Guess Who” was playing in Public Square, and there were a lot of people there to see them. Many people think the city has needed this kind of fun for years.

Downtown Wilkes-Barre was full of bell-bottom pants, tie-dye, and a famous band. The Guess Who played hits from the 1960s and 1970s as well as songs from their most recent record.

Darvene Cardwell Of Harveys Lake Hasn’t Been To A Concert In Wilkes-Barre On The Square Since 1976:

Darvene Cardwell of Harveys Lake hasn’t been to Wilkes-Barre on the Square for a show since 1976. “We’re no longer in the middle of nowhere. Cardwell said, “There are people who want to come here.”

Local blues-infused rock ‘n’ roll band Dustin Douglas as well as the Electric Gentlemen played the first set, and there were a lot of local food trucks at the event. It was one more chance for the community to get together before summer ends.

The Guess Who is now made up of Garry Peterson, Derek Sharp, Michael Devin, Leonard Shaw, as well as Michael Staertow. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, songs like “American Woman,” “These Eyes,” and “No Time” were chart-toppers for the group.

The Canadian Band Put Out 11 Studio Albums As Well As Had 14 Songs That Reached The Top 40:

The Canadian band put out 11 studio albums as well as had 14 Top 40 songs, two of which climbed to number number one throughout the United States. Dustin Douglas as well as the Electric Gentlemen, a rock and roll band, started the event in Times Square.

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The Guess Who’s event on Saturday showed that their fans come from many different age groups. People of all ages came to Public Square alongside folding chairs and Guess Who t-shirts.

Before Guess Who joined the stage, Mayor George C. Brown told the crowd that the show was based on other events that had been held in the city in recent months.

There Are A Lot Of People Waiting For The Show To Start:

“We were so happy with all of the things we did in the city, like Rockin’ the River as well as the Fine Arts Fiesta, that I told my team, ‘We need to put on a free concert with good music and a big name band so people can come out and have a great night.'”

Then, at 7:30 p.m., what countless of people had been waiting for all day happened: “Great time for Wilkes-Barre, Guess Who? #1,” said Mayor George Brown. Garry Peterson has been in The Guess Who since 1965, when the group was first put together.

“Wilkes-Barre rocks, and we both love this town,” said Maxim Furek from Luzerne County. People at the show could get pizza from Geraldo’s, potato pancakes, along with other tasty treats all around the square.

People Were Told By Garry Peterson, “I Simply Want You To Have Fun Tonight While Creating A Memory Among Your Family And Friends.”

“I just want you to relax and have an enjoyable evening tonight while creating a memory with your family as well as friends,” he said. From what I can tell, people won’t forget the time that they spent in Public Square upon Saturday night anytime soon.

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Kathie Lietz from Wilkes-Barre and Donna Sirkin from Kingston see the show as just one more thing to do in the city.

Mayor George Brown and the people who put on the event made a great chance for this town, and they should be thanked for it. People hope that the square will look a lot such as this next summer because a famous band played here on Saturday.

Guess Who’s 1970 Album American Woman Is Best Known Around The World:

Mark Krefski said, “That’s what Wilkes-Barre needs to start living again, as well as so far he’s doing a great job. I can’t wait to find out what he has planned for next summer.” This is

“American Woman,” which came out in 1970, is “The Guess Who’s” best-known record around the world. “Plein D’amour” is the name of their new album, which came out this summer.

The two of them went to all of the Rockin’ the River shows last month, in addition to the Spin Doctors’ performance at this year’s Fine Arts Fiesta upon Public Square.

Lietz Said, “These Events Serve As Soul Glue They Hold Our Souls Together.”

Sirkin said, “Any place with music as well as food was a good spot to be.” “I think these events do anything for the community,” she said.

As Well As Lietz had been quick to agree, saying that events like this help people in the community bond in unique ways.

“These events serve as soul glue; they hold our souls together,” said Lietz. But some people went to the show on Saturday for the first time this summer.

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Rose Jones as well as David Phillies, who live in Hanover Twp., came to Public Square to see if they could catch one of the last shows of the summer.

Mayor Brown Stated That From Now On, Every Summer As Long As He Is Mayor, We Will Give You A Free Rock Concert:

Jones said that they didn’t go to the Rockin’ the River shows because it was too hot, but the weather on Saturday was great. “If it wasn’t so hot, I might have absent to the other concerts, yet today was beautiful,” she said.

Jones and the Phillies might have missed some of the local events this summer, but Mayor Brown has promised that there will be more. “From now on, as long as I’m mayor, there will be a free rock show for you every summer,” he told the crowd.