There is a solution to the bug that prevents finishing Star Wars KOTOR 2 on Switch, although it is not ideal


Aspyr Media is working on a patch to resolve the issue, but while offering a temporary fix.

Those who are playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on Nintendo Switch are likely in for an unpleasant surprise. Once you reach a certain point in the adventure published by Aspyr Mediathe game gives an error and cannot be finished.

Although from the studio they have assured that they are working on a patch, while they have published on their official website a temporary solution to the problem. It is a way to be able to continue playing, but it is not the one that the players wanted, who hope that the problem will be solved soon.

We must access the cheat menuThe temporary solution proposed by those responsible for the port is use the cheat menu available in version. “To do this, triple-click the left stick, open the cheat menu and select the shortcut OND504. Make sure you don’t head to the shopping district, as your game will then fail,” they say from Aspyr.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords

In the absence of a date for the final patch, if despite everything we prefer to enjoy the first installment, from BioWare, tell you that it is also available on Switch. That yes, for the remake de Knights of the Old Republic in progress aimed at PC and PlayStation 5 in principle, we will have to wait a little longer, since we only have its official presentation during a PlayStation Showcase in 2021.

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