There is still hope with Genshin Impact for Nintendo Switch


The team has stated that it is still in development, although there is no date to wait for the news.

The Genshin Impact phenomenon is available on more and more platforms. In addition to PC and PlayStation consoles, the free to play of miHoYo (now HoYoverse) is a hit on mobile devices through its iOS and Android versions, but there is an announced version for Nintendo Switch that many considered cancelled.

Well, it seems that, at least for the moment, it is not. In GO Nintendo they have been able to contact the Chinese company that, in statements about it, states that continues in development. “The Switch version is still in development and we will provide more information as we progress.”

Switch version still in developmentGenshin Impact TeamThe status of this version of Genshin Impact for the Nintendo hybrid is completely unknown, which seems to be costing too much to make it happen. no date on the horizonwe could have some kind of news in the next events and broadcasts that its creators prepare.

Of course, despite the fact that it receives content periodically, the most recent update of Genshin Impact has been delayed, which will force players to wait to get their hands on the news. As compensation, those responsible have announced that they will distribute free protogems weekly to users starting on May 11.

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