There will be a second part of the final season of Attack on Titan and we already know its premiere date


Did you think that episode 75 of Attack on Titan would mark the end of the series? MAPPA has revealed that there will be a Part 2 that will premiere in the winter of 2022.

This second part of the fourth season came after the end of episode 16 of the fourth season with a small video that gives some clues of what is to come.

The final season of Attack on Titan began airing in late December 2020, so this second part could follow a similar release schedule.

As reported by ScreenRant, Attack on Titan still has 23 manga chapters to adapt. The first part of the season adapted 26 chapters in its 16 episodes, which means that fans could expect a season of similar length.

Fans have been questioning this last season, thinking that there was no way to cover all that was left of the manga in its 16 episodes. There were rumors about a movie to tell the rest of the story, but It seems these final episodes of the series will cover the remainder of the story..

The final season of Attack on Titan has aired in Japan and internationally through services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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