There will be no new Avatar video game, but there will be a board game – RPG


Anime fans Avatar They have not seen a game based on the saga for years, and it seems that things are going for a long time. Yes, there is an RPG board game on the way, based on The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, thanks to a joint effort between Magpie Games and ViacomCBS.

The RPG book is expected to arrive within a year, that is, in February 2022, and will allow players to take on the roles of the heroes of the Avatar universe, carrying out missions such as protecting merchants or exploring the World. Spirit, or to help the communities of the Kingdom of Earth to regain peace. The characters will be created using the parameters of the book included with the game.

Two supplements will be added after launch, one focusing on the Republic City of Legend of Korra arriving in August 2022 and another focusing on the Spirit World, in February 2023.

James Mendez Hodes is helping with the development. He is an RPG writer, developer, and cultural advisor who has worked on games such as 7th Sea Scion and MOnsterhearts. In a post on its official website, Mendez Hodes says that the game will use the Apocalypse World system: Easy to learn, flexible and fun to design even if we are new to the genre. “

Magpie Games CEO Mark Diaz Truman has worked with a number of Asian designers in an effort to build a game that is authentic and has the spirit of the two films.

Magpie’s previous board games became a hit. By the way, there is a live-action movie of Avatar The Last Airbender in development on Netflix, although the creators of the original series are not currently in the project.

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As for video games on the saga, it seems that there will be no news in a reasonable time.