There will be three Marvel games from EA in a deal that starts with Iron Man


Marvel has reached an agreement with the publisher of FIFA and Battlefield, EA, to make three video games based on Marvel comics.

According to Bloomberg, this deal will begin with EA Motive’s previously announced Iron Man game, though details of what will come next are unknown.

It’s also unclear if the second and third games will focus on different Marvel characters, like the Hulk or Thor, or if they will be continuations of the Iron Man gamesimilar to what Insomniac did with Spider-Man, its spinoff Miles Morales, and its upcoming sequel.

Nor has it been mentioned nothing about the release schedule or whether they will focus on a single or multiplayer adventure, although we do know that EA Motive’s Iron Man is a “single-player action-adventure game.”

EA Motive is the development studio behind the upcoming Dead Space remake and has previously worked on titles like Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars: Battlefront 2, but we’ll have to wait to see what other studios are involved in the remaining two projects. from Marvel.

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