These 5 tricks have saved me a lot of time in long games


Oh, the life of the video game player! As children we don’t have enough games and as adults what we don’t have is time. There are real gems out there, some like Persona 5 or any other JRPG, but…they last 100 hours! Well, don’t worry. there go the 5 tips that I apply myself when I have to play long titles Do they work!

5 tips for tackling long games like Persona 5

Come on, there go those 5 tips that will make your life easier and that will also allow you to finish those long games that you have on the shelf. The goal is to optimize time.

1. Constancy

Is better play a little every day than trying to run a marathon. The thing about these games is that they are usually abandoned midway through. For example, in Tales of Arise we can leave it at the arc change. Therefore, it is better to consider them as a daily task than trying to burn them.

Tips for long games

2.Best first

What does this mean? Well, it is advisable to kill the enemies, complete the missions and do the tasks when it is time. Thus, we will not reach an area and we will be stuck. Keep in mind that these points are potential moments of abandonment. If we do it right first, time we save.

long games

3. Know when to stop

There are times when we get saturated and nothing happens. It is advisable let go and rest. Quality time is better than quantity. If we force ourselves too much, the fights cost more, the dungeons are longer, the exploration more boring…

long games tips

4. Good management

If we have a team to manage, it is advisable to know what each character is for and how we can optimize our actions. The same goes for weapon upgrading, skill point allocation, inventory management… It’s always good to know what tools you have before doing anything.

Person 5 Royal

5.No fear of guides

If you are reading this, surely you are not one of those who are afraid of guides, but they really are a good way to optimize time. If you are stuck, you can turn to them to get this little push that is needed. I, without going any further, needed guides in some graphic adventures or the Elden Ring and nothing happens.

elden ring guide


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