These Are The 15 Best Motorcycle Movies Ever Made


These Are The 15 Best Motorcycle Movies Ever Made:

The 2014 end of the FX show Sons of Anarchy set the standard for how the greatest biker movies ought to be made. People who love motorcycles in general may also want to see movies that show the love for bikes as well as the crazy stuff that goes on around them.

The last few years have seen some of the greatest biker movies ever made. Sons of Anarchy is to thank for this huge rise in fame. There are many movies to choose from, some of which are about bikes and some of which are about crime.

People still watch Sons of Anarchy, even though it hasn’t been on for years because they can find it on streaming sites like Hulu and are already big fans.

Most of the most popular films regarding bikers and movies with lots of motorcycles came out in the 1960s. They don’t feel like Sons of Anarchy, but they’re nonetheless popular today as well as are just as interesting as the show, with action-packed scenes, beautiful scenery, and bikes. A lot of the time, the actors also get involved in serious crime.

Now, TV has been very good to the motorbike theme over the last few years, giving us great shows such as American Chopper. Full-length movies, on the other hand, aren’t really that many that handle the subject.

Burn Out:

The French and Belgian action movie “Burn Out” was written and produced through Yann Gozlan. It stars Francois Civil, Olivier Rabourdin, as well as Manon Azem. The movie is about a motorbike racer named Tony Rodrigues who finds out that his son’s mother is in trouble with the law in Paris and needs his help badly.

Tony takes on the duty of paying off the bills without ever thinking about the risks to himself. So that his son as well as his ex-lover can finally live a peaceful life, he turns his bike skills into a drug courier business.

Beyond The Law:

Beyond the Law, which came out in 1993, isn’t the most awful film Charlie Sheen has ever directed. It stars Sheen before Two and a Half Men as an undercover cop who joins a violent biker gang that sells stolen guns and ships them all over the US.

This movie, which is called Made of Steel within Europe, isn’t the best biker movie ever. But it gets a passing grade because it has good action, lots of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, as well as a great supporting cast.

Michael Madsen, a favorite of Quentin Tarantino’s, plays the leader of the biker gang and goes by the nickname “Blood,” and Linda Fiorentino, a hot actress, plays Charlie Sheen’s tough-talking love interest. This movie never earned an Oscar, but if you see it on late-night TV, you should watch it all the way through.

Biker Boyz:

Biker Boyz was a sports movie from 2023 that takes place within the world of hidden motorbike races. Most people who like bike movies and want something like Fast & Furious will like this one the most.

This movie, such as Sons of Anarchy, takes the bikes just as seriously as the actors. There are great actors in the movie, like Orlando Jones, Djimon Honsou, Lisa Bonet, Meagan Good, Terrence Howard, as well as Kid Rock.

Underground biker drag racers as well as the rivalry between a famous racer and a young star who started his own motorbike club are the subject of the movie.

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Biking Borders:

This is a documentary film by Max Jabs about two close friends named Max and Nono who want to build a school in Latin America for people who need it.

To raise money for the big project, the two chose to bike from Berlin to Beijing as a one-of-a-kind funding stunt. They kept people up to date on their progress on social media to get the word out.

The two have little to no experience riding a bike, and they face many problems along the way, such as bad weather and food shortages, yet they keep going.

The Born Losers:

The Born Losers, which came out in 1967 and is about a biker gang, is a throwaway action movie with a social message. Actor and director of B movies Tom Laughlin plays the part of “Billy Jack,” a half-Indian Green Beret who served in Vietnam and fights bad bikers who are attacking a small California town.

Tom Laughlin has said in comments that the movie’s goal was to bring attention to the racism that American Indians faced in the 1960s. He used the popularity of motorbike gang movies at the time to get his movie made.

In 1964, members of the Hells Angels were caught in Monterey, California, for raping five young girls. The story was based on that event.

There were five Billy Jack movies made from 1967 to 1986. This is the first one. The Trial of Billy Jack as well as Billy Jack Goes to Washington were the others. But when it comes to the good old Billy Jack, most people think that The Born Losers is the best of the bunch.

Beyond The Law:

If Sons of Anarchy fans want to see what Charlie Sheen would look like as a biker, they should watch the 1993 movie Beyond the Law. In it, Sheen plays an undercover cop named Dan Saxon who joined a group of criminal bikers to stop a drug and gun-trafficking operation.

But in order to go deeper, he has to do more dangerous acts, which push him to the edge while rendering it almost impossible for him to go back. You can also see Linda Fiorentino as well as Michael Madsen in the movie.


“Warrior” is a story regarding friendship and betrayal among soldiers and biker gangs. It also has a love story with the main character. The show has some great stars, and the plots are always short and sweet.

Adding more episodes to the already 6-episode series would have made it dull for sure. Beautiful photography and top-notch performance make this show stand out. Stop comparing this to “Sons of Anarchy.”

Get comfortable with this short series as it is, and try to enjoy what it has to give. You can be sure that this Danish soap series will keep you entertained if you can pull that off.

Hells Angels On Wheels:

In the beginning of his work, movie star Jack Nicholson was in two different kinds of movies. Roger Corman made scary movies and biker movies. In fact, in the late 1960s, Jack Nicholson was in six low-budget motorbike movies before he became famous for being in what is probably the most renowned biker film of all time.

But first, you should see Jack Nicholson in Hells Angels On Wheels, which came out in 1967 and is the second-to-last movie regarding the Hells Angels. Nicholson plays the lead role of “Poet,” a lonely gas station worker who is taken in by the Hells Angels and accepted by them.

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At first, poet is glad to join the outlaw biker gang, yet he quickly learns how violent the gang members are and is sickened by the crimes he sees them commit, such as murder.

This movie has a lot of cool motorbikes and other actors you’ve never heard of. It’s worth seeing just to see a young Jack Nicholson within motion.


In 2004, Ice Cube appeared within his own biker movie called Torque. Director of the movie was Joseph Kahn, who has worked on many music videos. There are a lot of similarities between this movie and the stories on Sons of Anarchy, particularly when it comes to the criminals and the drug trade.

Martin Henderson plays Cary Ford, a biker who hides some crystal meth-filled motorbikes. One bad guy, though, wants them back. He says Cary killed the brother of Trey, the leader of a biker gang, and Trey wants to get back at him.


There are two main characters in “Deuces.” One is a secret agent called Jason Foster, who has big plans for his future, as well as the other was his boss, Stephen “Deuces” Brooks.

When both of them start to connect with a friend they both have who is close to Jason Foster, things get more complicated between them. There are some big plot holes in the story, but the movie is still worth seeing, and it has a great cast, including Megan Good, Larenz Tate, as well as Rick Gonzalez.

Great energy between Larenz Tate as well as Rick Gonzalez on screen. The romance between Larenz Tate as well as Megan Good feels very real, and their talks seem to be coming from the heart.

The movie also has a story that is full of tension and thrills, as well as an unexpectedly good ending. But it’s up to the watchers to figure out who the real bad guy or good guy is, which will maintain you upon the edge of your seat the whole time.

If you watch this movie alongside a group of friends, it might cause you to talk about something. Finally, for all you bikers out there, the film includes a few really cool bikes that may be fun to look at and may even add something to the movie as a whole.

This movie only has one flaw: it sometimes looks like a copy of “Fast and Furious.” However, the cast, especially the lead actor Larenz Tate, saves it.

Stone Cold:

Stone Cold, which came out in 1991, is the only movie starring Brian Bosworth that is worth seeing. It’s about an Alabama police officer who goes undercover for the FBI as well as joins a deadly biker gang in Mississippi.

The supporting group of riders, including William Forsythe as the psychopathic member of the biker gang as well as Lance Henriksen as the gang’s psychotic boss, is what makes this movie watchable.

And it’s not bad to see the Boz in his best form in the early 1990s. He did, in fact, play in a lot of other straight-to-video biker films over the years. Stone Cold was the best and first of a bad group, though. The movie’s ending battle is what you’d expect it to be: bloody and dull.

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The Wild Angels:

Heavenly Blues is the name of the very close-knit biker gang that is part of the Wild Angels. They all work together when one of their own bikes is stolen. The head of the gang, played by Peter Fonda, tells everyone to locate the bike to get back at the crooks.

In the movie, motorbikes are always being shown off and driven, and there are fights between biker gangs as well as run-ins with the cops. The movie and Sons of Anarchy both had real Hell’s Angels in them, which is another thing they have in common.

The Sons Of Anarchy:

Kurt Sutter made the crime thriller show “Sons of Anarchy.” The story takes you on an exciting trip through the world of illegal motorbike clubs in the made-up town of Charming, California. People who watch the show get to live the life of vice president of SAMCRO Jackson “Jax” Teller.

When Jax finds a statement written by his late father, the club’s founder, he starts to think about the club’s direction, the loyalty of its members, and the complicated web of relationships that connect them.

As the story goes on, SAMCRO deals with gunrunning, fights with rival gangs, and internal problems, which keeps viewers interested from beginning to end.

Charlie Hunnam plays Jax, Katey Sagal as Gemma Teller Morrow, Mark Boone Junior, Kim Coates, Tommy Flanagan, Maggie Siff, as well as Ron Perlman are some of the actors in the cast. The show is about a lot more than just criminal bikers; it also deals with deep issues like love, betrayal, loyalty, and forgiveness.

It’s a great movie to watch if you’re interested in the biker lifestyle or how a motorbike club works because it has a great cast, a strong story, and a tough, realistic look. Fans are taken upon a ride they won’t soon forget by the characters’ raw passion and friendship.

Eye Of The Tiger:

Check out the 1986 film Eye of the Tiger if you like old-school 80s cheese. In it, Gary Busey (before he got crazy) plays a Vietnam soldier who comes home to his small town and finds it taken over by a violent biker gang.

To get rid of the bikers and clean up the place he loves, Gary Busey decides to work things out himself. This movie is a lot like First Blood, but instead of crooked police officers, it stars Yaphet Kotto as well as Seymour Cassel as supporting characters.

Even so, this movie is fun to watch because it has a lot of motorbike races and action scenes from the 1980s. Good job also on taking the title from the Rocky III theme song by the band Survivor.

Road To Paloma:

The movie Road to Paloma is not about motorbike gangs, but it does have a single biker who is on the run from the police and has a task to complete. Jason Momoa plays the tough Robert Wolf, who kills the man who murdered and raped his mother to get back at him.

When Wolf runs away from the police, he hopes to spread his mother’s ashes. He takes a long bike ride to avoid the police while looking for his sister’s land to spread the ashes. Mixed to good reviews were given to the movie, and Momoa’s character, Robert Wolf, would have fit right in alongside Sons of Anarchy.