These Are The 15 Finest Italian Movies You Can Watch


These Are The 15 Finest Italian Movies You Can Watch:

Some of the best movies ever made and ideas for movies came from Italy. Federico Fellini, Luca Guadagnino, Sophia Loren, and Marcello Mastroianni are just a few of the important people who have worked on it.

Netflix has Italian-language movies that will fit any mood, whether you want to watch a teen romance, a comedy, or a drama. We went through all of them to help you discover the right movie. Italy has one of the best film histories in the world, and every year they put out about 250 films made in their own country.

In 2018, the Department of Culture permitted the public showing of 273 Italian movies, the most recent year for which data is available. The Department of Culture grants permission for “Italian film,” which refers to a full-length Italian movie, to be shown in public during the year.

8 ½:

Even though La Dolce Vita is undoubtedly Fellini’s most well-known work, 8 ½ was the one that movie fans really love. Viewers will find it both strange and beautiful, and won’t mind getting lost while watching it.

Marcello Mastroianni portrays Guido, a film director struggling with a creative block exacerbated by marital problems. As time runs out to start working on the movie, Guido avoids his team, his woman, and his ex by losing himself in memories and daydreams, where he tries to take back control.

Guido’s path of figuring out how to be an artist and the stresses that artists face from the public are interesting to watch, yet the real treat for viewers is to sit back and enjoy Fellini’s growing style from beginning to end.


A movie by the master of neo-realism, Roberto Rosselini, should be on our list. Roberto Rosselini’s film, set on the active volcano of Stromboli, is considered one of the best neo-realist movies ever made.

However, when the movie was released, it was not widely recognized as one of the best neo-realist films. Critics and viewers around the world were very angry about the director’s connection with his muse, Hollywood star Ingrid Bergman, which was not legal.

Lazzaro Felice:

While reviewers couldn’t agree on whether Happy to Be Lazzaro was more of a sharp social It was hard for reviewers to agree on whether Lazzaro Felice could be best described as cutting social criticism, a touching look at childhood and friendship, or a magical dream.

But everyone agreed that they liked it. Plus, it won the Cannes Film Festival award for Best Screenplay. If you want to watch a smart, playful, and funny Italian-language movie on Netflix, this one about a modern lord in rural Italy who hires an innocent teen to help him fake his own kidnapping is a must.

La Dolce Vita:

In Federico Fellini’s famous work La Dolce Vita, you can go back in time to 1960. This movie, which stars the handsome Marcello Mastroianni as well as the beautiful Anita Ekberg, shows the sweet and sinful life of Rome’s upper class.

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The story is about a tired reporter named Marcello Rubini who wants to find love and happiness in the glitz and sexiness of the Italian city.

La Dolce Vita is a masterpiece of film that won the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 1960 Cannes Film Festival, which made the word “paparazzi” well-known around the world. You can see how the rich and famous in Italy live their wild lives while you explore the center of Rome’s beautiful nightlife.

A Girl Returned:

A girl who is 13 years old and comes from a nice middle-class family is put into a poor, uneducated country family very quickly. She doesn’t know what’s going on with her or why she switched to living with someone else so quickly. This is also true for us as viewers.

When we ultimately figure out why, we feel sorry for “the returned girl.” It’s clear that she doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere. The movie is very beautiful and is based on a very popular book.

I asked the director, who wasn’t very well known, how he got the author to let him film her book since he wasn’t a popular director. He said that because he had trust in the book right away, and I think it was also because the director was so humble.

The footage in the film is also very good. It was a surprise to see the two young actors. It’s like Sophia Loren has a new daughter.

The Talented Mr. Ripley:

It’s something I’ve seen so many times that I can’t keep track. Part of the appeal is the exciting plot: a social climber called Tom Ripley gets involved with the lives of a rich couple, Dickie Greenleaf and Marge Sherwood, and lots of drama follows.

But the setting on the Amalfi Coast is also very appealing. Right now, I cannot think of anywhere I’d prefer to eat outside in the yard of a beautiful Italian house or lie on a beach in the area with umbrellas around me.


Maddalena lives in a hard-to-reach area of Rome. She signs her little girl up for a talent event at the Cinecittà studios. Maddalena wants someone to pick up her kid. She has spent a lot of money to make sure her daughter is the most stunning and well-dressed competitor.

The movie is very relevant right now because it makes fun of how things look. The director was one of those most well-known after World War II. Anna Magnani, another tiger in European films, plays the lead role.

Caffè Sospeso:

Caffè Sospeso, which means “suspended coffee,” is another short documentary that can help you improve your language and listening skills. It is a research piece that goes in a lot of different directions.

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The movie looks more closely at the custom of getting a coffee for a future customer who is in need. It mainly follows three people who are involved with the custom in Naples, Buenos Aires, and New York.

Even though the movie isn’t fully in Italian, it’s still a good look at a part of Neapolitan society, and food lovers looking for a low-key documentary will enjoy it. Still, you might get just as much out of watching Chef’s Table shows with Massimo Bottura, Dario Cecchini, and Corrado Assenza.

An Italian Romance:

In 2004, Carlo Mazzacurati directed the romance thriller L’Amore Ritrovato, which takes you into the passionate world of love. Stefano Accorsi and Maya Sansa play Giovanni and Maria, two ex-lovers who meet again after 20 years apart.

The story takes place in Italy after World War II and looks at how complicated love is and how hard it is to keep the flame alive amidst the difficulties of life and the passing of time. This moving Italian love story shows how complicated the human heart can be. It reminds us that love is never easy, but it’s always worth fighting for.

The Inner Cage:

A unique story about the bond between jail guards and prisoners, with only a small connection to The Green Mile. In Ariaferma, Tony Sevillo is the name given to the character played by Tom Hanks in that movie.

Sevillo might be Italy’s most famous singer outside of Italy. That’s because of the movies he made with Paolo Sorrentino. While Sevillo plays the outrageous man in both of these movies, he is a very different character in Ariaferma. He is a man who has a hard time giving up his official role for some humanity.

There is also a great performance from the other major character. I don’t really believe that the prisoners are brothers. It must be very quiet in jail for this to happen. Not quite The Green Mile, where one prisoner picks on another. Anyway, images and music add something extra to this great movie of the season so far.

The Great Beauty:

This is Rome at a speed you didn’t know was even more crazy, strange, and confusing than you thought it could be. The story is mostly about Jeb, a writer who has spent most of his time in the city’s nightlife since the publication of his one and only book.

When his 65th birthday coincides with a string of random but important run-ins, this old playboy’s life is turned upside down. His experience of Rome changes from one of luxury and calm to one of natural beauty at the heart of the city. Even though it’s a comment on how shallow the Berlusconi era was, it still shows all of Rome’s best sides.

Totò, Peppino And The Hussy:

Many people still consider Totò as Italy’s funniest comedian. The Naples man has often worked alongside Peppino De Filippo in almost 100 movies. He is another well-known singer from Naples.

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In this movie, two brothers from Naples as well as their sister go to Milan to try to get a young cousin to return to Naples. A lot of Italian plays make fun of the disparity between the north and the south. Once the two brothers arrive in Milan, it becomes evident in the video below that they are lost.

É Stata la Mano DI Dio:

Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino directed and wrote this coming-of-age drama, É stata la mano di Dio. It’s about an awkward teen residing with his parents in Naples and the problems that arise after a tragedy affects his family.

It won the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice International Film Festival as well as being nominated for Best International Feature Film at the Academy Awards. It is a sensitive and lightly written story.

I Am Love:

The 2009 love thriller I Am Love, directed by Luca Guadagnino, will take you into the world of hate and desire. In this movie, Tilda Swinton plays Emma, a Russian woman married to a rich Italian textile magnate. The story takes place in Milan’s high society.

Emma is dealing with the restrictions of her wealthy life when she starts an intense relationship with a skilled young cook, played by Edoardo Gabbriellini, that will alter the way she thinks about love and desire forever. This rich story, with its beautiful photography as well as a lush score, is a feast for the senses that looks at how love can change people.

Several film awards, including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Foreign Language Film as well as a BAFTA nod for Best Film Not in the English Language, went to I Am Love. Prepare to be swept away by the sexual beauty and emotional depth of this unique Italian story.

The Hidden Child:

Again this year, there are a lot of movies from Naples, Italy. Naples is also the setting for “The Hidden Child.” One good thing about Italian movies is that there are a lot of good actors.

The 14-year-old Pirozzi also has a pretty good first movie in this one. Despite usually being portrayed as a helper, Silvio Orlando, known for his famous looks in movies, lends a helping hand to the 14-year-old Pirozzi in this one.

The friendly director Andò is good at many things; he writes books, runs theaters, and makes movies. This is his ninth movie, and it’s about a kid who hides from the camorra and an older man who has never been brave.

A judge in the movie said, “If you have a choice between the law and affection, I prefer love.” This quote really sums up the main idea of the movie. The movie has beautiful music by Schubert and Beethoven playing in the background.