These Are The 15 Greatest Films For Kids To Watch


These Are The 15 Greatest Films For Kids To Watch:

Some movies, such as the ones you saw as a child, stay with you forever. And there are lots of different kinds of great movies for kids. There are various types of great movies for kids, including cozy cartoon adventures, exciting tales of bravery, visually stunning works that stimulate kids’ minds, and stories that impart important life lessons.

It may seem like there are already “the best animated movies for kids,” but anyone who really knows about animation knows that not all of the pictures are good for kids.

And every parent knows that movies that are fun for kids might be unbearable for adults. But not these movies. The best animated films for kids are fun, inspiring, bright, and teach kids important lessons about life.

There is a huge world of movies out there for kids to enjoy, from cartoon hits from Disney, Pixar, Ghibli, and Aardman to family-friendly shows with lots of singing and dancing and versions of famous children’s books.

E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial:

The story is about an alien that looks weird, has telekinetic skills, and loves Coors Lite. He missed the last bus back to his home world. It’s about a shy, lonely boy whose broken home life forces him to face the unknown.

It’s about single parents as well as broken marriages, about growing up in a small town in the suburbs of America, and about losing and regaining innocence. It’s everything you’d expect from a Steven Spielberg movie: a happy, sincere, and unapologetically positive story set in the 20th century.

The Muppet Movie:

The Muppets are a great way to get kids interested in pop culture, and it’s important to start alongside the original Jim Henson show before moving on to later Muppet movies.

The Muppet Movie is a great way to get kids interested in all the great things movies can be. From Kermit singing “The Rainbow Connection” from a log in the swamp to his cross-country Hollywood adventure where he meets his new friends and avoids a greedy fast-food chef, the movie has it all.

The muppets are funny, smart, sweet, singing, and full of affection and camaraderie. You will be happier than your child when they see them for the first time because you will be laughing and smiling at the right times. When they’re 4, kids will love it, but when they’re 12, they’ll love it even more, at least in a deeper way.

Inside Out:

This family movie has one of Pixar’s most creative plots. Get ready for a range of feelings! The main characters in this cute movie are a little girl’s emotions, such as disgust, joy, and sadness.

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They moved with her from the Midwest to the West Coast without warning. This movie is smart, cute, and laugh-out-loud funny. The whole family will love it! Use Disney+ to stream.

It’s A Wonderful Life

Frank Capra’s 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life is a must-see every holiday season, even if it’s a little darker than you remember.

Regardless of what age you are, Capra’s positive view of a different world is still very powerful. Also, there’s something comfortable about seeing legendary James Stewart in one of his most famous parts, George Bailey.

Did George really have a great life? It should be discussed annually. On top of that, Prime Video has both the original version shown in theaters and the colorized re-release in case your family doesn’t like older movies.


This bright Disney/Pixar movie, Coco, was inspired by the Day of the Dead in Mexico. It won two Oscars in 2017 for Best Animated Film as well as Best Song. Miguel was a young boy who wanted to be a singer but couldn’t because many of his family members wouldn’t let him play music.

He suddenly finds himself in the Land of the Dead, embarking on numerous adventures and discovering the enduring love and traditions of his family. Get ready to cry a lot while watching this movie.

Toy Story 2:

When did a remake ever do better than the first one? In one case, The Godfather Part II was different. Terminator 2 Judgment Day accomplished this. And Pixar, alongside only their third full-length movie, made a Better Sequel to join the very small group of films that are Better Sequels.

The first Toy Story movie, which came out in 1995, wasn’t even close to being average. But the second movie is where the great animation company really hits their stride, with a story that is as sweet and sad as anything they’ve ever made. They are always there for you as a friend.


Babe has a great moral lesson that is hard to find because it has cute talking animals. The lesson is to stay true to yourself and support others who are doing the same. Families come in all shapes, sizes, and types, and the little guy doesn’t always end up last. In this case, it’s a runt pig who wants to group sheep.

Babe is important not only for teaching basic life lessons, but also for being an emotionally powerful movie about animal families being torn apart, and it has become a foundational film for pop culture references that will last a lifetime.

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A call to arms against the holiday season is “Christmas means carnage!” “That’ll do, pig” will always make people happy, young and old.

The Mitchells Vs. The Machines:

A beautiful work of art from the people who made Spider-Man: As with Into the Spider-Verse, The Mitchells is based on old-school road trip movies. Parents trying to connect with kids who aren’t interested? Yes, check. Pit stops at sights along the road? Yup.

Can we really embark on a journey to save all people from a machine disaster caused by a smart iPhone and a bunch of robots? That’s okay; the Griswolds never had to deal with that.

Even though there is a lot of action, this movie is really just a sweet family movie at its core. The jokes are perfect and will make both adults and kids laugh.


A lot of famous people do the voices in Leap, like Elle Fanning, Dane DeHaan, and pop star Carly Rae Jepsen. The story is about a girl named Felicie who goes from a small town in the country to Paris to become a dancer.

As a true “rags-to-riches” story, Leap! was an inspiring book that can teach kids how important it is to think big.

Along with the great writing by Eric Summer, talented French cartoonist Éric Warin adds a beautiful visual treat. This underdog story is both touching and powerful, but it never stops being fun and silly, like a fairy tale.


How could we leave off a film that has kept every kid interested? Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel provide the voices for sisters Anna and Elsa.

Elsa is a snow queen, which means she can freeze anyone or anything. Anna, on the other hand, wants to meet new individuals and let more people into their mostly closed country of Arendelle. She hides from everyone else.

Due to the freezing of Arendelle, she flees to the mountains. A strange snowman named Olaf, a climber named Kristoff, and a friendly horse make up Anna’s group as she goes after her. You will hear every song over and over again.

The Lego Movie:

People’s eyes widened, they grumbled, and they yelled “cash-in!” when they first learned that a full-length story movie would be inspired by a set of toy plastic bricks. The fact that the Lego Movie is so high on this list shows how much it shocked us all.

It’s quick, smart, and very funny, and Phil Lord as well as Chris Miller’s usual self-awareness shine through. The clever surprise in the last act makes a very good family movie even better.

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Mary Poppins:

Even Saving Mr. Banks couldn’t do justice to the complicated story of why Mary Poppins is in the movie, but what was shown on the big screen became a classic for kids.

This is a great hit that appeals to all ages. It’s almost perfect in every way, from being able to sing along to the story of a kid trying to get their parents’ attention while they’re busy.

Julie Andrews will be a big part of your child’s first ten years, and by the end, they might even be interested in the whole “fly a kite” thing.

Kiki’s Delivery Service:

This beautiful story about a young witch growing up in an unfamiliar city is a great way to start watching Japanese Studio Ghibli movies. They are full of beautiful art and a lot of heart. There is not much of a problem here. It’s merely the tale of a young girl who makes friends, hangs out with her funny cat, and learns to be independent.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t any excitement; the ending with the dirigible in danger is a thrilling piece of Braut animation, but really, watching the heroine fly through the friendly air on her broom is sufficient to make even the most cynical watcher smile.


This touching family movie, directed by Brian Levant, is about St. Bernard Beethoven, who becomes everything a family might have wanted. But now he has to fight two dog-nappers to keep the peace in his family.

Many people consider Beethoven a great family movie due to its touching and genuinely funny story, as well as its outstanding lead performances.

There is something fun for everyone to enjoy in Beethoven, but it’s especially good for kids. It also has a meaningful message about the connection between people and animals. In a story that makes you feel good, Beethoven’s bark is just as cute as its bite.


Disney is very good at making stories come alive. The story of Cinderella is about a nice girl named Snow White who falls in love with a prince. You’ll also fall in love with the brave mouse friends, the clumsy hero dog, the fairy godmother, the beautiful songs, and the mean stepmother.

Kids will enjoy seeing the birds as well as mice make Cinderella’s ball dress, and then when they come to get her from the attic, the prince’s footman goes without her trying upon the glass shoe.