These are the 6 PS4 games coming to PS Now in January: JRPG, fighting, action and more


The PlayStation service is updated with a varied selection and for all kinds of tastes.

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We are now in 2022, and that has brought us a lot of games distributed in various services. As usual, PS Now joins this trend and has already announced the January 6 games that will become part of your catalog starting tomorrow, day 4. A consignment that highlights the diversity of genres with deliveries of fight, JRPG, survival and more.

If the cold makes you want to a good fightWhat better way than to play a couple of games in Mortal Kombat 11? The veteran fighting franchise not only innovates in its combat mechanics, but also introduces the more customization options that we have seen in the saga. A combination that has led to really high sales figures.

JRPG fans have January covered with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, an adaptation of the classic PS2 video game with a reconstructed battle design, HD graphics, renewed soundtrack and features unheard of in the West. In addition, the game has several curiosities that Square Enix wanted to share with its community in a video.

The roguelike Fury Unleashed is positioned as an ideal option to reverse winter afternoons. East platformer shooter (formerly known as The Badass Hero) will force us to polish our skills and reflexes in order to survive his threats, a proposal that do not forget the management.

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Unturned It is an experience in which exploration, the manufacture of objects and survival are mixed in a cocktail that we drink inside a open world. Here, we are a survivor of some ruins infested with zombies, so you can expect many moments of struggle and tension.

If you know the adventure Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EPMaybe you like this indie from the same creators. Super Time Force Ultra is a nice action and platform experience where the use of the sense of humor and a retro graphic style that will bring us back to our childhood.

Are you attracted to the space world? And what if we combine that passion with some nice little characters? This is Kerbal Space Program, a game in which we must manage resources perfectly to shape a space simulator. Here, we can build spaceships, rockets and other vehicles that will take us to explore space and conquer the universe.

How do you see the PS Now selection for January? As we said at the beginning of the news, all these games will be available from tomorrow. So prepare your skills in fighting, exploration or survival and try all the options in this new batch of PlayStation.

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