These are the 7 classic arcade and recreational video games that will hit you this year


Smile: retro is back. At the gates of 2022 we find a genuine revival of the classic for lovers of vintage video games. There are of all genres and styles: direct sequels, compilations and remakes. What have been the winners? We tell you about the wonderful year that awaits lovers of titles from the 80s and 90s.

These are good times for lovers of retro video games. Children of the 80s and 90s have become nostalgic developers who present wacky projects to other kids from the 80s and 90s who now run companies and embrace sequels and ideas for the original creators they seemed impossible. We have recent cases like Streets of Rage 4 that have been pure gold. Can the titles in the following list aspire to repeat such success? We are a few months away from knowing.

Beyond the compilations and remakes counted in the 2022 list, what is truly remarkable is in the new subgenre coined as neo retro. Current artists taking classical elements and adapting them to current times with new visual, sound and playable ideas that elevate the great classics in the history of the industry to a new level. In fact, there are some projects that, in addition, have seen a meeting of numerous video game stars that will allow you to enjoy a new perspective only dreamed of by its fans.

But there is more good news: there are many productions that await to be announced by 2023. The general feeling is that the retro revival isn’t a fad – it’s a state that’s here to stay. The success of these projects will depend on whether new waves of neo retro land on the consoles of the moment.

The summer game is coming… In January!

Did you know that Windjammers still widely played in 2021? Programs such as Fightcade have helped the videogame-loving community of the mythical Data East enjoy a second youth that is allowing it to be enjoyed in all countries of the world, turning the present time into one of the golden ages of the disc game. At the end of January, players will finally be able to enjoy an original sequel to the Neo Geo classic Windjammers 2. Expect all the frenzy of the original software and some exciting new features that can add some sauce to the plate.

There are new characters, new settings and new abilities that will delight everyone who enjoyed what is, surely, one of the most representative Neo Geo titles. without being signed by SNK. Its developers, DotEmu, have managed to capture many of the keys that made the original great, including its frenzy against the clock, 2, 3 and 5 points, spin shots and, of course, the boosted shots. Will it be able to unseat the original?

COWABUNGA! The Ninja Turtles return

The history of the Ninja Turtles is closely related to that of the video games in general and Konami in particular. The once legendary developer knew how to take advantage of Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo like no other firm, developing excellent platform, beat’em up and fighting video games in arcade, 8 and 16 bits. The significance of the turtle games is so mythical that it is not surprising that their return has been celebrated in style with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge.

What awaits the players? Actually something very different from Konami’s beat’em ups. The playable keys revealed in the trailers are very promising, allowing you to play with the four turtles and our favorite journalist, April O’Neal. It seems that its developers are as stung by the beat’em up as Guard Crush Games was with Streets of Rage 4, because there are many clues that remind of referents of the self against the neighborhood that, without a doubt, are going to accommodate perfectly well to the benefits of turtles.

A KOF with the goal of persevering for years

2021 will also see the return of a large franchise in the The King of Fighters category. We have already had a couple of betas to confirm something very positive: KOF XV will appeal to classic fans of the franchise without a doubt. It may be somewhat playable or visual, but the return of absolutely legendary characters from some King of Fighters of the past will be a cause for celebration for lovers of the classic SNK team tournament of fighters yesterday, today and forever.

It seems that those from Osaka have come up with many keys when it comes to adapting their gameplay and online technology to the times. For example, the decision to bet on rollback netcode It is a joy for the most staunch fans of competitive. The chosen squad of fighters and the number of characters guarantees that we have a The King of Fighters that will be present with us for many years if the community accepts it. Your challenge? Like more people than the usual ones, who already have us from their mere presentation.

A 180º turn for Marco, Tarma and cia.

To be frank it may not be the return of Metal Slug that we were certainly all hoping for, but do not get sad either: There are very good reasons to think that Metal Slug Tactics could be a very interesting title that provides a breath of fresh air for the franchise. It was presented against all odds at the past Summer Game Fest, and there are some clues in the trailer worth celebrating for any lover of the legendary installments of the saga.

Have you heard the sound section of the game? Have you noticed the good taste when recreating the sprites of the original game in the turn-based strategy game? There are some skeptics who shallow production looming apparently in the early previews, but its developers will likely still have cool things to show when the title hits stores at the end of the present 2022. Until then, wait to know the keys after the return of Metal Slug.

A remake of a Data East classic
Retro games for 2022: These are the 7 classic arcade and recreational video games that will hit you this year

Mr. Nutz Studio have been on everyone’s lips lately for Asterix & Obelix’s latest retro development: Slap Them All, but they’ll be back in 2022 thanks to the remake of every other Data East classic, which repeats in the list of 2022. It is Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja, which will arrive throughout 2022 in the territory of consoles and PC. There are few images that have been shown of the production at the moment, but it seems that it will present a major redesign for the protagonists and the Jurassic threats they will face. The saga was particularly famous in arcade, with a very competent first installment that delighted fans of platform games of the time.

The console conversions never did it justice and subsequent sequels did not reach the cult status achieved by the first part. In fact, in later iterations of the troglodyte ninjas, a sister genre of platforms such as the one-screen platform was chosen, a place where productions such as Tumblepop or Snow Bros. shone with their own light. It won’t be the only Microids revival in the near future: they have in their portfolio two premieres of Taito mythical licenses. It remains to wait to find out what they are. In the pools are Bubble Bobble or Space Invaders.

Hamster and Platinum’s First Neo-Classic Arcade

Sol Cresta is one of the video games most awaited by ship game lovers. Expected for the past December 9, the PlatinumGames title will end up arriving on a date to be determined next year 2022. The project was born as a kind of April Fool’s Day joke, but it seems that the idea of ​​continuing the saga started with Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta in the 80s ended up growing among the different Platinum developers. One more than pleasant news for those involved.

A luxury lineup by the way, with Hideki Kamiya as creative director, Takahito Washisaka in the production, Takanori Sato in the direction and the always grateful help in the sound section of an icon of the category of Yuzo Koshiro. The look couldn’t be better, and the ability to combine the various shooting capabilities will delight fans of the genre for months to come. You want to know what the seal will translate into Neo-Classic Arcade Series of Hamster. What other classics will be resurrected?

An iconic museum for the Comecocos

Bandai Namco wants to celebrate the legacy of one of its most mythical characters with a review of your Pac-Man Museum with Pac-Man Museum +. There are 14 video games that have defined the history of the Comecocos throughout the last 40 years, including the originals that made history in arcades around the world and some of the latest modern productions that have tried to reinterpret the myth for a new audience. .

Games included are Pac-Man, Super Pac-Man, Pac and Pal, Pac-Land, Pac-Mania, Pac-Attack, Pac-in-Time, Pac-Man Arrangement (arcade and console version), Pac- Man Championship Edition, Pac Motos, Pac’n Roll Remix, Pac-Man Battle Royale, Pac-Man 256. One of the attractions of Pac-Man Museum + lies in the ability to create your own virtual arcade with the different elements to be unlocked in the software.


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