These are the 8 free games added to Xbox Game Pass in January, with a rumored space adventure


Xbox renews its batch of titles to welcome 2022 with great indie games and Triple A.

Xbox Game Pass It’s one of the star services from Microsoft, and the company does not hesitate to pamper its users while celebrating the new year. We already knew that the month of January of Xbox Live Gold would be accompanied by several indie proposals, but from Xbox they want to expand their catalog even more with both indies and Triple A adventures, something that they achieve by adding 8 new titles for all tastes.

As rumored at the time, Xbox confirms the arrival of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition at its service, so we can experience Shepard’s adventures through the company’s application. However, this collection is accompanied by other renowned titles such as Outer Wilds, Embr or Spelunky 2. In addition, Xbox Game Pass also includes The Anacrusis on its launch day and some indie gems that can be enjoyed right now.

What’s new in Xbox Game Pass

As you can see in the list, today you can try the indie proposals of Gorogoa, Olija and The Pedestrian from Xbox Game Pass. For this reason, we introduce you to these adventures with the descriptions that you have below.

Gorogoa is a clear example of how you can reinvent the puzzle genre from curious prisms, as this experience invites us to solve puzzles full of imagination and dynamism. In addition, the adventure tells us a story through hand drawn designs, so it becomes a delight for lovers of puzzles and differential artistic sections.

Xbox Game Pass

If we talk about indie games, we can find ourselves daring and unusual acts. This is the case of Olija, an adventure with a metroidvania essence where retro style and action come together in artistic ideas that mix Flemish and Japanese cultures. Beyond this, the title is distributed by Return DigitalSo you can expect big doses of frenzy and challenging platforms.

Something very different from what we see in The Pedestrian, an indie that uses its sympathetic premise to squeeze our brains out in solving puzzles. Here, we have to help the pedestrian figure on the signage system signs to move and overcome various levels, which will force us to imagine, think and look for tiny clues with the aim that our little character advances.

Of course, Xbox Game Pass wants to start the year with one foot in the indie field, but this does not mean that it has left aside other types of adventures. In this sense, Xbox has already confirmed more than 30 games for 2022 that will reach the service in its launch day. But, if you are interested in knowing what other video game subscriptions offer, do not forget to check everything that the companies have prepared to have fun in January.

Abandonan Xbox Game Pass

As usual in this service, Xbox notifies us of the games that will leave Xbox Game Pass in mid-January.

  • Desperados III (Cloud, Consoles and PC) – January 15
  • Ghost of a Tale (PC) – 15 de enero
  • Kingdom Hearts III (Consoles) – January 15
  • Mount & Blade: Warband (Cloud, Consoles and PC) – January 15
  • Pandemic (Consoles and PC) – January 15
  • Yiik: A Postmodern RPG (PC) – January 15

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