these are the most played games on the laptop


The weekly top of Valve’s console-computer leaves us with a very varied list of titles.

MultiVersus has been one of the most played titles on the different platforms since its open beta was released, but although it’s working well on PlayStation and Xbox, it has a special relationship with PC. The free to play fighting game has broken Warner’s record on Steam, and not just on desktop.

It is the most played of the week on Steam DeckOn Steam Deck it is also being a sensation since, if we look at the top of the most popular titles of the last days that have been shared from the official account of Twitter from Valve’s console-computer, MultiVersus is the most played of the weekahead of its rivals.

This ranking is made taking into account the number of users who, on average, enter to games every day, so it seems that online fights with Batman, Bugs Bunny and company are also an option in portable mode, thanks in part to the robust multiplayer of the Warner title.


In the rest of the list we find other titles such as Vampire Survivors, one of the most popular in recent months on the Valve platformor Stray, the game starring a cat in a cyberpunk world that has been one of the favorite options for users during the month of July, also on Steam.

Most played of the week on Steam Deck

  1. MultiVersus
  2. Vampire Survivors
  3. Stray
  4. Elden Ring
  5. No Man’s Sky
  6. Hades
  7. Stardew Valley
  8. Grand Theft Auto V
  9. Aperture Desk Job
  10. Monster Hunter Rise

This good news comes while those responsible for MultiVersus have had to give a negative. Season 1 and the arrival of Morty are pushed back to an as-yet-undefined date, though those who were worried about the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery won’t have to worry as the deal won’t affect the game.

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