They arrest a fugitive from justice who wanted to buy the Call of Duty


A guy who had escaped from jail has been captured after coming out of hiding to buy the Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War.

As reported in Kotaku, Clint Butler had been on the run from UK police since November after escaping from Spring Hill prison in Buckinghamshire where he was serving a 17-year sentence for robbery and possession of weapons.

The West Midlands police caught Butler and a colleague of his in Brimingham, downtown last January, and after a chase, they hunted him down. When asked why he had gone downtown during confinement, Butler’s friend said they had gone to buy the new Call of Duty to get through the confinement situation. A real wonder this.

Now Butler will have to continue with his sentence that has been extended 19 months after the act. The UK police do not give credit: escape from prison is a feat in itself; It is already to have few lights to go to the center of the city in full confinement and being able to be stopped simply to get a video game to pass the time during the confinement. They have labeled it idiocy, and not without reason.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s clear that Butler really likes Call of Duty. I sure did not have a 500GB PS4, that soon they will not be able to with Black Ops and Warzone, because they will need more space.

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