They broadcast a video of the plane that transported the Brazilian soccer players moments before the accident


The images of the plane that transported the Brazilian soccer players seconds before crashing meters from the runway

Brazilian football was traversed by a tragedy in recent days: the plane that carried four footballers and the president of the Palmas Soccer and Regattas It fell moments after taking off from a private runway in the Luzimangues district. During the last hours, some images were known that could help the investigators to better understand what happened to the aircraft.

In the footage broadcast by the Brazilian media Globe Sports You can see the sequence captured by the security camera of the Tocantinense Aviation Association (ATA) aerodrome at 7.30AM on Sunday, January 24. As reported by the same newspaper, the aircraft crashed into a thicket located meters after the end of the runway, although it was not All five people who were on the Beechcraft 58 Baron license plate PT-LYG were killed.

The goalkeeper Ranule (27 years old), the left back Lucas Praxedes (23), the defender Guilherme Noé (28), the midfielder Marcus Molinari (23) and the president Lucas Meira (32) were on board that private taxi that went from Porto Nacional –a municipality located 60 kilometers south of Palmas– to Goiania with the intention of facing Vila Nova for the Green Cup. The rest of the squad of this team from the fourth division of the Brazilian Championship traveled on a regular flight. The reason these four footballers were apart is because they had just finished their period of isolation after having had coronavirus and the club decided that they travel on a different flight for the duel that was scheduled for Monday.

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In the statement that the club presented to report what happened they had warned that the plane “Took off and crashed at the end of the runway”. As reported by the Brazilian aviation regulatory body, it is “Investigating the type of transport performed at the time of the flight to see if there was any irregularity in the provision of the service”. At the same time they clarified that the aircraft was authorized to fly but being private “It could only be used by the owners or on an unpaid flight”. Initially, it was said that the aircraft piloted by Commander Wagner Machado was owned by Meira, the president of the club.

A detail that the Brazilian media shared is that the plane had suffered an accident in 2014 according to public records: “At that time, the conclusion pointed to the pilot forgot to lower the landing gear upon landing causing substantial damage on the propellers ”.

The video that became known of the accident minutes after the plane fell

Videos that were released immediately after the tragedy showed how the fire dominated the destroyed structures of the aircraft that fell meters after the runway.


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