They calculate the average lifespan of the PS5 DualSense sticks before drifting … and it’s not much


The problems of drift are being one of the most common incidents in controllers. While Nintendo has several class action lawsuits behind it for this problem in the Switch Joy-Con, Sony is beginning to receive theirs for the performance of the PS5 DualSense.

The PlayStation 5 controller has been the subject of study by the iFixit technology channel, who have shed some more light on what is happening with the controllers that came to revolutionize the new generation. By disassembling the DualSense and analyzing its components, this channel has discovered that it uses the same standard hardware for its analog sticks as the PS4, Xbox consoles and Nintendo Switch.

ALPS, the manufacturer of this hardware, already details in its product sheets that the expected useful life for these parts is 2 million potentiometer cycles and 500,000 central pulsation cycles. According to iFixit, this equates to an average of 417 hours of play before these drift problems began to appear, although obviously it depends on the types of games in which it is used and the use that is given to the controller, since it can influence the accumulation of dust among other factors.

What seems clear is that this first batch of DualSense is bound to get better in the future. We recently echoed a patent that would present improvements in wireless connectivity to further reduce latency, as well as another that seems intended for a rear accessory like the one that the DualShock 4 had in the last months of the PlayStation 4 cycle.

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