They create a code of conduct for fighting games to avoid abuse


The Fighting Games Community is adopting a standardizing a code of conduct to make herself a safer and more pleasant place. This code indicates that good practices must be followed to avoid abuse and harassment.

As reported by Kotaku, the Code of Conduct has been created by a community of volunteers, reviewed and accessed by tournament leaders to enforce the rules.

“This is the code of conduct for the fighting game community. The goal is to prevent misbehavior and emotional, sexual, verbal and physical abuse to create a more inclusive and enjoyable community, in which people can enjoy,” says the code.

The code was developed in view of several scandals that affected the community, especially sexual abuse, having as a spring the accusations against Joey Cueller in 2020, which ended the Evo Online event that same year.

Recently, the Super Smash Bros. community has run into a sexual abuse scandal that led to a statement from Nintendo to our environment. It is a community that never had support from Nintendo, yes.

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