They create a trailer for the Super Mario movie with sound from Cyberpunk 2077

We love this “what if …” thing and today we get a clearly fantastic one: what happens if we mix a trailer with images of the real-image Super Mario movie (yes, that one that still exists today remember that it exists) with the sound of the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077 (the old one). The result … surprising:

And the thing is that the Super Mario movie had a cyberpunk Blade Runner vibe that feels like a scandal to the sound of the game, although we change neons, like “Bohemia” for “Koopa” and instead of a metallic Keanu Reeves we have Bob Hoskins and company.

But that doesn’t take away from the charm. The game that Cyberpunk is giving between mods (like the one that makes it visually Borderlands), memes and the wait for its first big patch are occupying weeks of players’ time, although the launch was loaded with failures in many areas, after years waiting for launch. And that’s not pretty.

Source: GameRant

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