They criticize Disney for the proportions of the bodies of its characters

Posts to have discussions online, the next one you are going to love. It turns out that it has become trending to criticize Disney by the proportions of the bodies of its characters. Yes, computer-made characters, clearly caricatured. Some even look for their organs.

Criticism focuses on female bodies, because according to the outraged, they are “unrealistic” models of the same, giving rise to the idea that this is normal. Beyond making any comment about it, we share a couple of examples:

Here Mama Sadie shows concern about where the fictional character’s organs are located.

In this case, the bad time comes because he can’t find his elbows.

In this last example that we bring you, here you have an example of deep and transcendent observation: the character’s hair has the same body shape.

Source: Comicbook

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