They discover an error in The Last of Us that could be at the height of the coffee glass in Game of Thrones


The Last of Us series is a critically acclaimed video game adaptation, but it seems that his last episode has a small mistake which is already being talked about. Specifically, some viewers have seen what appears to be part of the series’ film crew hiding in the corner of a shot.

At 15:18 of the last episode, we see a wide shot of the snowy bridge that Joel and Ellie cross to look for Tommy. Behind the trees, on the far left of the image, a person is clearly seen who is probably part of the filming crew. If you look towards the bottom, you can see more people hidden in the trees.

The error was detected by the user of Twitter Scott Jones, who responded to a message from Neil Durckmann (series co-director) saying: “Brilliant episode. However, you might want to correct it and re-upload it. You can see the crew in this shot.”

The error is reminiscent of another HBO series. You probably remember the coffee cup mistake from Game of Thrones in 2019, when viewers they saw a glass of coffee that appeared in the finale of the fourth episode of Season 8. The bug was quickly fixed, but the Internet will never forget: that glass became so famous that it even has its own mod in Skyrim.

While The Last of Us’s team bug isn’t nearly as noticeable or fun as the coffee cup bug, falls into the category of gaffes for pop culture notables. Beyond this little mistake, the sixth episode of The Last of Us series was amazing.

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