They hack Michael Jackson’s YouTube with a video of Estopa: Daddy Yankee, J Balvin and many more fell with a video of Spanish Paco Sanz


Around 10:50 in the morning, YouTube or those responsible for the channels have begun to remove the videos. But the hacking is not over

The self-styled “criminal group” Los Pelaos has hacked the YouTube channels of artists such as Justin Bieber, Eminem, Drake, Travis Scott, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, The Weekend, Juice Wrld, Daddy Yankee and more.

The hack has consisted of uploading a video in which the controversial Paco Sanz comes out singing, and in which a famous groaning sound is also shown that is usually used in jokes on social networks and on Twitch live

. For now, the group has not announced how the hack was technically perpetratedbut it is real and before the videos were deleted, we could go channel by channel to verify that it was not a crude Photoshop of social networks.

Justin Bieber

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People ask, and Los Pelaos hack

Los Pelaos have been hacking for about an hour (written at 10:41 Spanish time) by tweet. Twitter users have begun to ask that singers be hacked by giving names, and for the moment they pay attention to them and are getting the official channels of gigantic artists to fall.

They come to joke saying “We have forced Daddy Yankee to come back“, in reference to his retirement, since with this video they take him out of his “retirement”.

The tone, in general, is derision. AND it couldn’t be otherwise in the case of a video where Paco Sanz appearswhich has become a meme in communities like Forocoches since it became known how he managed to swindle so many people by appearing in the media telling his story of terminal illness.

Resident Balvin

Not only videos of Paco Sanz have experienced these hacks. At 11:15 in the morning it is possible to see the “tiraera” that Residente recorded with Bizarrap in BZRP Music Sessions #49 against J Balvin on J Balvin’s own channel, which has been hacked for the occasion.

They have also hacked Michael Jackson’s channel, may he rest in peace, with a video clip of Estopa.


From the Los Pelaos account they continue to tell how the hacking is going. The last thing we have detected have been the accounts of Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift. This time, without content in Spanish.

Taylor Swift

From Genbeta we have contacted YouTube to find out more details about the hack. We will update when we get a response with information.


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