They have run Minecraft within Minecraft on a 1Hz CPU, and it is one more example that this game has no limits.


After more than a decade of its launch, Minecraft continues to surprise even today. And it is that for many it is more than a game, since with patience (and a lot of free time), it is possible to do anything in Mojang’s title. And if not tell it to ‘sammyuri‘, a content creator on YouTube who along with two other people have designed a system to run Minecraft within Minecraft.

To carry out this project they have designed a complex redstone system simulating a processor coupled to a display where you can see how they multitask within the game. The creators of this project have uploaded a video to YouTube where they show the elements that have been needed to bring Minecraft to life within Minecraft.

Redstone has no limits in Minecraft

The redstone is a Minecraft item that is used to automate tasks within the game. However, those who want to learn how to use this element beyond activating levers and moving blocks have a whole world of possibilities with infinite layers of complexity. And is that the redstone is basically programming.

While there are plenty of awesome redstone projects in Minecraft, perhaps none quite match the level of the latter. And it is that three people have been in charge of executing a modified build of Minecraft within the game, a complete 3D rendering with 16 types of blocks, 32 different itemsand with the ability to mine, build, smelt metals, organize chests, and more.

The CPU, called CHUNGUS2, is a processor entirely developed with redstone mechanics. With RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) design, it has four phases of instruction segmentation, 64 bytes for cache and jump predictor. They present it as ‘a powerful 1Hz processor for Minecraft’, with its own video and everything. In addition, they have developed a controller to play, similar to the PlayStation DualShock, which is used to control everything that is done in the build.

Of course, although everyone can see the project at a ‘standard’ speed on YouTube, the reality is that the project has been executed on a high performance redstone server (MCHPRS). This kind of servers They are responsible for increasing the speed of the game to more than 10,000 times the normal speed. This is necessary, since the system they have developed is only capable of moving a single frame of the game every few days.

For all the footage we see in the video it took about 9 hours to record it thanks to these special redstone servers. Later they have accelerated the speed of the video to be able to see the progress in an adequate way, since the system on the MCHPRS server moves at 0.1 FPS.

The intention of the creators is that everyone can download the world of Minecraft with all its components to be able to run it on their computers, but they have not yet offered a functional download link to prevent content theft. In addition, they still have details to polish regarding the interface, so they will share a download link when they have everything ready.


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