They have tried to fix the destruction of Ecce Homo using an artificial intelligence like DALL-E 2. This is how it turned out


Although 10 years have passed, we all still have in our minds the restoration” of Borja’s Ecce Homo, whose resulting disaster made it famous throughout the world. Cecilia Giménez’s unfortunate restoration, which ended up destroying this work of art at the end has generated that each year it receives 10,000 visitors. But this disaster thanks to technology has had a solution.

It is a reality that in recent years much progress has been made in terms of editing programs, and even in the integration of artificial intelligence. These, among other uses, have served to quickly improve images and perform a completely transformative edition, as has happened exactly with Ecce Homo.

A Reddit user has “devandalized” Ecce Homo

Through a Reddit thread, a user has undoubtedly published an amazing job he has done with Borja’s Ecce Homo. In this case He has published the before and after photo after using img2img, an artificial intelligence very similar to DALL-E, in the words of the author, in order to “devandalize” this work. This is something that he was already able to do even to create amazing magazine covers.

The result that has been achieved through this artificial intelligence is curious to say the least. Although it has not managed to resemble the original version, yes, he has turned it into a portrait of Jesus Christ that at least does not look like a stick figure. And as we say, this has been achieved thanks to Img2Imag in combination with Stable Diffusion.

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This is one more example that technology can be very useful to be able to transform images with a really good result. As we say, it is not a restoration as such of the original version, and artistically it is not brilliant, but without a doubt It’s a much prettier “fudge.”

Some references to this result have already appeared in the comments of the Reddit thread, highlighting that it is quite original, but also seeing some flaws. For example, you see that with the use of Img2Img, the scroll disappears completely, passing to have an arm at the bottom which is certainly very strange, even seeing that this technology is not anywhere near perfect. But it certainly shows a step forward in everything that can be done with artificial intelligence.


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