They imagine Elden Ring on Super Nintendo and the final result could also aspire to GOTY


The YouTube channel 64 Bits is a regular creating this type of current video game demakes.

When we talk about Elden Ring, we are not only talking about one of the most outstanding releases both in terms of sales figures and in terms of professional criticism, but also that the game of FromSoftware has crossed barriers and is the title of the Japanese studio that has generated the most conversation in such a short time.

Good proof of this is the video that we leave you at the top of the news. Elden Ring is so popular that major channels that reimagine great classic-looking titles, like 64 Bit, are making versions of it. this case you can see what Elden Ring would look like on SNESone of Nintendo’s historical consoles.

Elden Ring

Bosses and multiple areas of the game have been recreatedAs you can see in the video, they have even designed a game cartridge for the Super Nintendo. Respecting the classic format, we see how they imagine that the title would have come out in 1995 instead of 2022. However, despite the fact that the graphics respect the aesthetics of the timethe finish is surprising because the art direction is very striking, and it could even pass for a current independent game with a good artistic bill and good work on the animations.

Obviously, it is a video of less than two minutes where bosses like Malenia or Radahn and different areas of the game appear, a complete version has not been made. It is something that we have already seen on other occasions with Elden Ring, which has been reimagined with the graphics of the original PlayStation or, without going any further, they have shown us what a version for Game Boy, another Nintendo console, would look like.

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