They issue an alert about the Devil Doll in Texas “by mistake”

Be careful, this may be one of the most beastly and most typical Halloween mistakes that you have seen in a long time: we all like memes and others, in which we do funny things (not always comical, everything is said) that mix humor , reality and fantasy. But to whom this happened, the joke got out of hand: the public security department of the state of Texas, in the United States, has sent a citizen alert in which they indicate that Chucky, the Devil Doll from the movie saga, was suspected of having kidnapped a child.

These kinds of alerts are used to seriously notify cases of disappearances (or possible kidnappings), but in this warning about the doll that has given so many nightmares, with orange hair. The announcement was carried out as normal, as if the doll had really come to life according to the security forces, as reported by The Guardian.

Jokes away, take a look:

The Amber alert for Glen and Chucky. (Source: Click2Houston/Texas Public Safety Department)
Alert for Glen and Chucky. (Source: Click2Houston / Texas Public Safety Department)

This “amber” alert (that’s the name they are given) reached mobile phones not once, but three times, describing him as a short 28-year-old doll-shaped guy named Chucky, with red hair and blue eyes. . As if the description were not enough to confirm that he is the fearsome character, they also described the bib and the striped shirt by which we know him.

But is that the boy who had been kidnapped was the son of the same doll in the movies, Glen. The Texas security forces have apologized and say that it is a mistake (not a joke that someone has put on them, which is not surprising that they denied) and say they are working so that it does not happen again.

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