They manage to adapt Counter-Strike to Nintendo DS and it is quite a feat with bots and multiplayer


It only has the Dust 2 map from CS 1.6, and it doesn’t look very comfortable to aim at, but we want to play it.


The passion of the developers continues to leave us news that is at least worth seeing. This is the case of a curious adaptation of Counter-Strike for Nintendo DS fully functional and with multiplayer support. It is a reduced version of the classic Valve shooter, but seeing it in motion on video is a delight.

As we read in PC Gamer, Counter-Strike DS is more of a demake, a version built from scratch to run the FPS on the old Nintendo laptop. In fact, it only includes one of the action-shooter title maps, but not just any one: Dust 2 from CS 1.6. It is unknown if there will be more soon, but it can be enjoyed alone with bots and even with friends in multiplayer.

Fewnity has been working on Counter-Strike DS for a couple of years, but it was this summer that the project got big enough to be released and shown to the public in all its glory. In the shared video you can see its operation, and although it seems cumbersome, it is undoubtedly a job that should be praised and even supported, if desired, through the project file.

The modern version of the shooter, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, is one of the most played titles of the moment, monopolizing the top position of the Steam data with few exceptions. Yesterday, for example, it registered a peak of 923,000 users.

Nintendo DS, meanwhile, left us great video games to remember. Among them, the one that is one of the best installments of the Pokémon saga for Adría Suarez.

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