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They reveal that Gianinna kept the $ 300,000 ring, Diego Maradona’s favorite jewel

Baudry says that Maradona’s ring is Gianina

The most precious jewel for Diego Maradona it is held by one of his daughters. So he specified Mario Baudry, the attorney for Dieguito fernando and couple of Veronica Ojeda (ex of the remembered soccer player). The lawyer said that the ring that the 1986 world champion of Mexico wore in his last days, has it Gianinna. The object was in a box of sneakers that his father kept under his bed in his last days.

Baudry revealed on the show Fantino in the afternoon by America TV, that “I have the chat of Monona -the cook of the Ten- telling me who she gave it to by hand and I have the filming of Maxi Camargo -Diego’s assistant- putting it in the car to one of the daughters”He commented. They immediately asked him who he was precisely and he replied: “Yes, Gianinna”.

Later, he clarified that Gianinna Maradona advised that he had it: “We are still aware, because Gianinna offered to open it last week, but since it was not an important issue, we decided not to do it now. The important thing now is the criminal case, “said the lawyer.

It is a jewel of diamonds that he was given in Belarus in June 2018, when Diego traveled to take over as president of football at Dinamo Brest. His presence generated a real revolution in that country, so they decided to give him a ring listed in $ 300,000. Then Diego went to address Dorados de Sinaloa in Mexico, but was declared honorary president of the Belarusian entity.

Maradona, a great lover of jewelry, quickly put it on the ring finger of his right hand. He was very fond of it and used it during his time as technical director of Gimnasia y Esgrima de La Plata. The ring and other important objects were in the aforementioned box that Ten kept. First in the house he lived in Brandsen, near Estancia Chica, the Wolf’s training ground. Then he jealously guarded her on his move to the closed neighborhood of San Andrés, in Tigre, where he went to live after his operation for a bruise on his head. He was very close to her until the day of her death in her room, on November 25, 2020.

Dalessandro talks about the mysterious box that disappeared the day Diego Maradona died

The details of the box provided Mauricio D’Alessandro, lawyer of Matías Morla, empowered by the star until the day of his death. The lawyer stated that the box contained Diego’s most intimate and precious belongings. And that was later handed over to “a relative”, as stated in an interview with America news.

Gianina and her sister Dalma are two of Pelusa’s five children, along with Jana, Diego junior and Dieguito Fernando. However, there are at least two paternity lawsuits pending.

The ring in question and other objects make up a long list of goods that go into the succession.

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