Things That Belonged To Freddie Mercury Will Be Sold At Auction


Things That Belonged To Freddie Mercury Will Be Sold At Auction:

When Freddie Mercury was on stage alongside the rock band Queen, he had the world within the palm of his hand. Now, a display in London shows what went on in his private life.

Sotheby’s has opened Freddie Mercury: A World of His Own, a display of more than 33,000 things that belonged to the famous musician. After the show, there will be six sales, which will start next week and go on all through September.

Once Freddie Mercury Said That He Like To Be Surrounded By Splendid Things:

Mercury, who once said that he liked to be “surrounded by splendid things” and “exquisite clutter,” had a lot of treasures in his grand Kensington home.

Some of the things up for sale are his outfits, hair combs, scribbled lines, and dozens of photos from his personal collection.

You’ll even get to see the famous crown and coat Mercury had made through costume designer Diana Moseley for Queen’s ‘Magic’ tour in 1986.

Mercury’s London home, Garden Lodge, is where he kept the collection for more than 30 years. It includes scribbled drafts of his songs, in addition to stage outfits, furniture, and art for decoration.

Mercury’s Lifelong Companion Has Kept All Of These Things Safe For More Than 30 Years:

Sotheby’s told ABC News, “Mary Austin, Mercury’s lifelong companion, has kept all of these things safe for over thirty years, but now it’s time for the next chapter.” “She wants the sale to happen now so she can run it herself and show the world this new side of Freddie Mercury.”

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Mercury’s favorite Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano, which has been displayed for the first time and is thought to be worth between £2 and £3 million, is at the heart of the collection.

There are also some interesting oddities, like a Wurlitzer piano, a collection of 29 decorative cats, as well as a plastic neon phone.

David Macdonald Said That The Collection Took Us On A Journey Via Mercury’s Life:

David Macdonald of Sotheby’s said, “The collection takes us upon a journey through Mercury’s life, from his school days to college, the early years of his career, as well as course his best moments on stage.”

All of Sotheby’s 15 rooms on London’s New Bond Street are about a different part of Mercury’s life and re-create the displays that were in his house.

David Macdonald, head of Single Owner Sales at Sotheby’s London, told ABC News that showing this to the world is the top of his work.

Some of the items in the show are instantly recognizable from Mercury’s performances, like his signature red hood and crown or the “Mercury wings” he sewed onto his stage outfits. But most of the things were only seen by people who were close to the music star.

The Sotheby’s website says, “Across six auctions, Sotheby’s shows Freddie Mercury’s kaleidoscopic world of style and quality, including art, fashion, musical instruments, personal papers, possessions, photographs, furniture, and jewels that he collected over the course of fifty years.”

This Collection Was Carefully Kept At His Beloved Home, Garden Lodge, For More Than 30 Years:

This collection was carefully kept at his beloved home, Garden Lodge, for more than 30 years. The quality and variety of the works show not only his many interests but also his natural style, skill as an artist, and sharp mind.

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Mercury’s beloved Yamaha G2 Baby Grand Piano, that he bought in 1975 and where he wrote many of Queen’s best-known songs, including “Bohemian Rhapsody,” which came out that same year, is the most valuable item in the auction. It is believed to be worth between $2.5 million as well as $3.8 million.

Sotheby’s Said That It’s Hard To Figure Out How Much The Instrument Was Worth:

Sotheby’s said that it was hard to figure out how much the instrument was worth. “This object stood at the center of his unique journey,” they said. It looks like the pen Da Vinci used.”

The handwriting drafts of Queen hits are also very valuable because they show how Mercury wrote the songs. On their own, the words to “Bohemian Rhapsody” are thought to be valuable between $1 million as well as $1.5 million.

Mercury also had a colorful Wurlitzer jukebox from 1941 that he kept within his kitchen and utilized to play music while he ate breakfast.

The jukebox Was Estimated To Be Sold For $32,000 Or More:

The jukebox is called “The Peacock” because it has a design of an animal that shimmers when it is turned on. The item is estimated to be sold for between $19,000 as well as $32,000.

Mercury also liked to buy works of art. As a curator, Macdonald was pleased to learn that Mercury picked everything in his collection himself. He told ABC News, “Freddie the collector was careful, coherent, as well as curious.”

James Tissot Painting That Is Worth Between $511,000 And $766,000:

Picasso, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, as well as Georges Braque are among the 20th-century masters whose works are in Mercury’s collection. There is also a James Tissot painting from 1880 that is worth between $511,000 and $766,000.

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Smaller items, like a set of chopsticks, a Tiffany silver seam ripper, membership cards to London clubs, a red-painted vanity mirror, a cookie jar, as well as many miniature cats, are also going up for auction. All of these items are expected to sell for $130 or less.

The money raised at the auction, which is expected to be more than $12.7 million, will go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which works to fight HIV/AIDS, as well as the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Mercury died at age 45 from AIDS in November 1991.