Things to Watch for on your Next Trip to the Nail Salon


You might be wondering what this article is all about. Figuratively, “watching out” for things simply translates to some unseen threat or treasure that can impact you instantaneously. Precisely speaking, we simply want you to know some important secrets about nail salons that you can use as you will. 

The best nail salons have private business norms that the customer is mostly unaware of. In this article, we go undercover into the top-rated nail salons’ work system- their shortcomings, dos, and don’ts, etc. Moreover, be it cheap nail salons or high-profile 5-star nail salons, the points in this article will prove helpful. 

Without further ado, let’s look at some things you should look out for on your next trip to the nail salon-

Salon Hygiene

Famous Podiatrist, Dr. Robert Spalding, says, “an estimated one million unsuspecting clients walk out of their chosen salon with infections…” Now, as many as 75% of nail salons in the US tend to get liberal with sanitary rituals in their work. For instance, all nail salons use disinfectant solutions. However, many of them use the same solution for days in a row, which takes away their germ-killing power. Hence, it is best to check out legitimate reviews of a salon or assertively voice your concern. Moreover, stay on the lookout for salons that use cheap materials or counterfeit products but take excessive charges. In a word, be careful and have some information beforehand to avoid cons. Most importantly, disinfect yourself once you go home!

Consider Dermatology 

Nail salons will beautify your nails like Cinderella’s own fairy Godmother. However, they will not tell you to see a dermatologist if you have a slight nail infection. This advice should be taken by all people, whether or not they are going to a nail salon. Get a check-up with a dermatologist or a podiatrist to ensure that you don’t have a skin or nail infection. Remember, that your nail salon isn’t always the one that gives you this nail infection. Nails have always been the hotspot for harmful germs and most people do not sanitize them. Factually, many people live with nail infections for a long time before they become noticeable. 

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Ascertain the Product Quality

Many nail salons cut costs by filling their mixtures into expensive brand bottles. Surprisingly, most people simply cannot tell the difference, even when it is stark clear. Our advice is that you first visit a nail-care shop or buy some quality products. Furthermore, closely examine an original lotion, polish, color, etc., and get to know them personally. Next time you visit a salon, the texture, smell, thickness, and feel of any high-brand product will be noticeable. Finally, you’ll be able to point out a counterfeit or bad-quality substance instinctually.

Always Check for Cuts 

This is an addition to our first point and forms an important part of your overall skin hygiene. No matter how careful your technician is with nippers, cuticle pushers, and drills, your skin still receives damage. Surprisingly, our skin is immensely more sensitive than we realize. It undergoes significant damage daily which can increase after a visit to the nail salon. Hence, make sure that you apply gentle healing and soothing lotions on your hands after a visit to the salon. You might not see any cuts or blood oozing out, but your skin needs recovery time.

Check for Transparency 

Many nail salons will oversell their services and claim to provide many features at small costs. However, as you step out of the salon, the person in charge may explain how special coats or nail strengtheners increased the initial cost. To sum up, this is a common way to trick customers into paying more. It is your right to know such information beforehand without a sudden attack of information after the process is complete. Hence, make sure you talk to the manager before the procedure about all costs and insist on complete transparency.

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Importance of an Autoclave

All the tools and instruments within a nail salon should go through proper sterilization as a rule. Although all nail salons claim they follow the perfect sterilization protocol, the popular methods are not very effective. Research shows that an autoclave is the only holistic gadget that will properly sterilize equipment. Cutting to the chase, first inquire with the manager if they employ an autoclave. Moreover, you should ask them to let you have a look at the color change pouches. These pouches come with an autoclave and are used to examine if the equipment has been properly sterilized. Just politely ask the people in charge to perform the color test. If the instrument is 100% sanitary, the pouch will change color.


There are several things to keep in mind for people who want the best from their nail salon. However, the 6 points above will provide a solid foundation for credible and accountable services in your nail salon. Regardless, we still recommend that you keep accumulating knowledge in this subject if it piques your interest. We understand it is tempting to overlook these minor details, but they can go a long way in making you more aware of your rights as a customer. If there is a particular subject you would like more information on, do reach out. Until next time!