This advanced new concept explains the absence of The Eternals within the MCU to this point, and it is smart.


The trailer for Los Eternos raised a query in regards to the MCU: The place had been The Eternals when the Avengers fought Thanos? Smartly, the solution may well be within the trailer for Los Eternos and due to this fact in his film. A brand new concept states that the reason being Steve Rogers, referred to as Captain The usa.

The concept is sophisticated and really advanced, however there are too many connections between Captain The usa and The Eternals to forget about it. Beneath we will be able to take a look at to give an explanation for it as obviously and summarized as imaginable.

The start of the Age of Heroes

One of the most major references of the trailer for Los Eternos is the look of more than one shields that seem to be the similar taste as Captain The usa’s defend. One seems in a scene from Thena’s (Angelina Jolie) fight, others may also be observed within the background of Kingo’s (Kumail Nanjiani) Bollywood dance quantity. In truth, on the finish of the trailer there could be a scene the place The Eternals can have named “Captain Rogers” as a type of selected one..

Some more or less selected one? The collection of phrases isn’t unintended. In line with this concept, The Eternals participated within the introduction of the arena’s first superhero and, due to this fact, they began a brand new Age of Heroes within the Surprise Universe. Captain The usa was once the primary Avenger, who chronologically began the MCU.

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Returning to the introduction of “Cap”, the trailer for Los Eternos displays how the immortal race helped humanity to develop and succeed in wonders of a wide variety: Non secular, clinical and technological. Would it not be ordinary that bestow their very own hero on Earth to encourage and combat what was once to return.

In line with SHIELD, the Supersoldier’s Serum contained a “key factor” which makes him do his wonders and would give an explanation for why Bruce Banner may now not mirror the Serum … thus turning into the Hulk. The Eternals may have the “secret factor” solution.

Wakanda, favourite of Los Eternos

The fanatics have long gone additional. The idea has given upward push to different concepts that may be defined with Los Eternos: Brian Tyree Henry, Phastos, could have had one thing to do with the coming of the Wakanda Vibranium, which was once at the start stated to have include a “meteorite”.

The outline of the nature of Phastos unearths {that a} “cosmic inventor” who has secretly helped humanity growth technologically. He could have been the one that taught people to regard Vibranium, an alien steel. Since Eternals are obviously acquainted with shields and armor, it is not exhausting to believe that Phastos would have helped Howard and Tony Stark a bit with their innovations..

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If we give all of those connections applicable, Captain The usa could be a an indication that humanity was once able to producing its personal superheroeswithout reference to whether or not they had superpowers or now not. The Eternals were not vital, so that they determined to not move in and “retire.”

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The tip of the Age of Heroes

After all, the trailer for The Eternals turns out to mirror the custom of the characters of the creator Neil Gaiman: Immortal beings who try to reside odd mortal lives with all of the reminiscences in their true nature and latent powers. Possibly International Warfare II and the introduction of Captain The usa had been causes sufficient to lead them to imagine that human beings may protect themselves.

In truth, Thor warned Nick Fury (The Avengers) that the land was once in a position for a brand new type of struggle. upon assembly Captain The usa and the paintings of people with the Tesseract.

If the coming of Captain The usa to the arena gave The Eternals a explanation why to withdraw from Earth, his go back at the moment makes all of the sense on this planet: The primary defenders of the land have disappeared, the Surprise trinity is not more. In truth, it is among the major topics of Spider-Guy: A ways From House.

The Age of Heroes started with Captain The usa, Iron Guy, and Thor, however has now come to an finish. The Eternals should return to a forsaken land.