This AI is capable of writing your papers or scripts starting from a sentence. We were surprised by its naturalness


Starting a job, a script or the entrance to a video that you are about to record is one of the most complicated things that we can face. That is why in these situations we can rely on the technology itself that It has tools for these cases of “desperation”. One of them is artificial intelligence that can create texts for us simply indicating the topic we want to talk about.

Although it may seem futuristic, the Escrí tool can help us create these texts with a technological approach. This software is presented as a tool for create quality, fast and effective texts for your business thanks to Artificial Intelligence, and you will be able to use it completely free to try it.

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This artificial intelligence helps you generate fluid texts

In order to use it for free, you can access its demo to see its true power. The fact of taking advantage of it is very simple, since the first thing of all will be to choose the tool. Here you can find the classic paragraph generator, but also more specific ones such as a product description, a summary of key points, a text for Facebook posts or a description for your Google Ads ad.


Many of these tools are mainly focused on the digital world, for those people who have a web page and try to optimize it. In this way, with the theme of your business and the theme you want to convey A text will be generated with the most appropriate keywords for your page.

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But you can also use the paragraph generator for more domestic tasks, such as I wrote you a fragment of a job that you are going to enter the institute. Once the tool is chosen, you must enter the topic such as “Life of Neil Armstrong”. To this is also added the type of text that can be formal or informal and you will simply have to work on the machine.

Stable Diffusion V2 is here: the new version of this AI that draws adds a new modality of image generation

Automatically, a text will appear that is completely original (that is, it has not been literally copied from any web page) and that It can be copied and pasted into your documents. In the demo offered by this company, the text is limited to 1,000 characters, and if you want to opt for more tools or more characters, you must go through the box.

Likewise, we always recommend try the tool first with this demo or even with the 7 days They offer free with each of the subscriptions. In this way you will be able to see if it meets your needs or not. Our particular experience has been quite good, especially with the naturalness that can be found in the different texts that are going to be found and also with the speed of generation.


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