This AI read all the Harry Potter books and wrote a completely absurd and fascinating new chapter


_Harry Poter and the portrait of what looked like a large pile of ashes_. At Botnik Studios they work with predictive systems, they are a community of artists, writers and developers who collaborate with machines to create strange new things.

So they trained an artificial intelligence who read all the Harry Potter books to write a new chapter in the saga. The Potter novels written by JK Rowling may have come to an end and the author has no plans to write a new one ever again, but this robot, admittedly, has great potential for comedic and nonsensical literature.

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In the chapter entitled “The handsome” you can read segments like this:

“Voldemort, you are a very rude and bad warlock” Harry said savagely. Hermione nodded encouragingly. The tall Death Eater was wearing a T-shirt that said _ “Hermione has forgotten how to dance” _, so Hermione buried her head in the mud.

Ron was standing there dancing some kind of crazed tap. He saw Harry and immediately started eating Hermione’s family.

You can read the full story on the Botnik content website and you can also see the process of creating the chapter at this link, to see how these small four pages came to exist, as interesting as incoherent, which could very well be in the classrooms of the fame of fanfiction.


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