This Chrome extension lets you copy text from images, videos, or anything you see on your screen


Much is said about text recognition of the iPhone and how it lets you scan and copy text without installing any application, or features like Google Lens to copy handwritten text and transfer it to your computer.

Now, if we don’t want to use the mobile and what we want to copy is on the screen of our desktop browser, this is definitely one of the best solutions. Its name is BlackBox and we can use it for free in Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi.

Copy text as if you were taking a screenshot

BlackBox is not the only tool of its kind, but unlike the others mentioned, its text recognition works in your desktop browser, which makes it something compatible with any operating system, be it Windows, Mac or Linux.

In addition to this, black box is free, unlike options like the popular TextSniper for macOS. All this makes it an excellent option to capture non-selectable text from anywhere on the web: videos, photos, presentations, or even web pages or PDFs.

An extremely easy way to copy text from images, videos, PDFs and more

How to copy handwritten text with Google Lens and transfer it to your computer

The way it works is also pretty cool. After installing the extension in your browser, when you want to copy any text that appears on the screen, you just have to click on the extension icon and the cursor will let you select any space on the screen to copy the text.

Recognition works great, and although the extension was only released in October 2021, its creators say they already have more than 200,000 active users. They originally created it to save time copying code from presentations and lecture videos, and since it worked so well for them, they decided to publish it.


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