This emotional letter written to the Vice-President Harivansh, President-Vice President, sitting on fast himself after drinking tea to the opposition members …


Eight members of the opposition party were suspended due to uproar in the Rajya Sabha during the passing of two bills related to farmers. In protest against the suspension, all these MPs sat on a dharna near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi outside the Parliament House. The suspended MPs demonstrated overnight in the Parliament complex. In the morning, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha Harivansh reached Parliament with tea. Harivansh removed tea from his hands, though media reports suggested that opposition MPs refused to drink the tea. Also Read – In praise of Harivansh, PM Modi tweeted- ‘Those who have insulted them, only drink tea, once again from the soil of Bihar …’

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On the other hand, according to the news agency ANI, hurt by the uproar in Rajya Sabha, Deputy Chairman Harivansh will keep a day fast. In a letter to the President and the Vice President, Harivansh said that he was hurt by the uproar in the House and could not even sleep throughout the night. Also Read – PM Narendra Modi Birthday: PM Modi’s mind about Riya, watch Shyam Rangeela’s fun video

He said that there was violent behavior by members in the name of democracy in the House. There was an attempt to intimidate the person sitting on the pedestal. All the dignity and dignity of the Upper House was stripped. Honorable members in the House tore the rule book and threw it at me. Paper rolls were made and tossed to the pedestal.

He further wrote, I feel that I should fast for a day for the humiliating behavior that happened to me on the decent bench of the Upper House. Perhaps my fasting should awaken a sense of self-realization within the honorable members who conduct themselves in this manner.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, Harivansh ji himself gave tea to the people who attacked him and the people sitting on the dharna, which shows how humble he is and how big his heart is. Harivansh’s inspiring and efficient politician-like behavior will make every democracy lover proud.

PM Modi fed, ‘Everyone saw how they were humiliated in the temple of democracy two days ago, they were attacked and then the same people sat on a dharna against them, but you will enjoy that today Harivansh ji He made the same people drink tea from his house early in the morning. The land of Bihar had taught democracy to the entire world centuries ago. Today, what Mr. Harivansh Ji did to become representative of democracy from the land of Bihar, is going to inspire and delight every democracy lover.


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