This Final Fantasy 7 Remake mod brings back one of the most iconic aspects of the original version


The community of modders has already included all kinds of ideas in the game, which has left an adventure with various colors.

Final Fantasy VII is an iconic game, and that is why many fans of the franchise were excited by the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, Cloud and company have not gotten rid of the community of modders, who have so far let their imaginations run wild with ideas ranging from the use of the gigantic sword as a command to a truly epic battle in Sekiro.

Now it is the turn of nostalgia, as a modder has recovered the fixed cameras from the original title. Final FanTV, this user’s YouTube nickname, has shared a proof of concept to inspire other members of the community to continue the work. In this sense, the user has published a video in which it is observed a comparison between Final Fantasy VII and its Remake based on the use of the fixed cameras so characteristic.

Final FanTV has managed to do this using some of the mechanics of Photo mode created by modder Otis_Inf, specialized in adding this mode to games. So, with this possibility on the table, it is possible that the modding community decides to work on a mod that relive the original version of the game through its particular camera system.

Of course, Final Fantasy VII Remake has caught the attention of all kinds of playersFor those who want to relive the adventure of PlayStation and those who just want to create mods. In addition, it remains to be seen how the universe of Cloud and his companions expands, as the producer of the title has left clues about what could come during 2022.

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