This has been Bassam Tariq’s reaction to his replacement as director of Blade, the next Marvel movie


Following his resignation from directing Blade, the character’s next film within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bassam Tariq has shared his thoughts on the choice of Yann Demange as the film’s new director.

Bassam Tariq has used his personal Instagram page to send a message reacting to the news, since Yann Demange was selected as the new director of Blade just a few days ago.

A scheduling conflict forces Marvel’s Blade director to quit.

“The news is finally out: my dear brother Yann Mounir Demange is directing Blade! You are in for a real wonder. Yann was instrumental in giving me the courage to start developing Mogul Mowgli,” Tariq comments on Instagram. “He also played a pivotal role during post-production, helping Riz [Ahmed]to my editor [Adam Biskupski] and me to bring the film to the finish line”.

“During that time and through the pandemic, Yann became a valued friend and brother. I couldn’t be happier for him. In taking on this role, I am proud to support him as he has supported me.”

In addition to the election as the new director, it seems that Blade’s course has changed after the supposed anger with the script that its leading actor, Mahershala Ali, had, who also seems to have been an active part in the choice of Yann Demange to assume the duties of address. Now, it is said that it will be a darker and starker film.

Of course, it’s clear that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is opening up in a new direction with its monsters, as the recent release of Curse of the Werewolf indicates.

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