This is how the pots are for the World Cup draw with the current FIFA Ranking: how many teams are missing to qualify

The mystery about the pots will remain until a few hours before the draw: the FIFA Ranking will be updated on March 31
The mystery about the pots will remain until a few hours before the draw: the FIFA Ranking will be updated on March 31

Of the 32 tickets available for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, 19 have already been reserved: there are still 13 passages in dispute. The draw that will take place next Friday, April 1 at the Doha Convention and Exhibition Center (DECC) will have four pots that will be divided through the FIFA ranking that will be published the day before.

Although between today and Wednesday all the classifieds will be known, the current panorama allows us to start playing with the drums, although the mystery is will hold until March 31 when FIFA updates the ranking for the last time before the draw.

With the scenario that exists today, Belgium, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Spain and Qatar They will surely be the seeded ones. The other that will make up Pot 1 will come out of Portugal (8th in the FIFA ranking) or Denmark (9th), depending on whether the Portuguese beat North Macedonia and make it to the World Cup.

Pot 2, in that case, will house Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Uruguay. The other three available seats will be shared between Denmark (could be seeded), Mexico, United States, Sweden, Senegal O Iran within the current context.

If there are no big movements in the ranking or surprises in Concacaf with Mexico and the USA (two dates from the end they are in direct qualifying positions), the third copon would already have inside Iran, Japan, Serbia and South Korea.

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It is in this sector where there may be greater oscillations, waiting for what happens with Morocco and Senegal in the definition of the five tickets available for the African continent. Also with the European key Poland vs. Swedensince the winner of that match could star in this sector or perhaps make the jump to the second pot.

Another example is Canadawhich today could be classified as first in Concacaf, but will depend on many factors to be in the third cup and not in the fourth.

The fourth hype, for its part, has already confirmed the selections of Saudi Arabia and Ecuadoralthough also at three balls that will represent the playoffs which will only be played in June. The European in this sector will emerge from the duel between Gales and the winner of Scotland and Ukraine.

The other protagonists of the playoffs are far from defined. By the side of CONMEBOL, Peru, Colombia and Chile will fight on Tuesday for that place, while in Asia it is only known that Australia is one of the applicants: he will play a match for that place with United Arab Emirates, Iraq O Lebanonsomething that will only be defined on Tuesday.

As for the playoff involving Concacaf there will be more clarity after this Sunday’s date: Costa Rica occupies that place, although mathematics allows us to locate Mexico, United States O Panama on that site. The rival of this ticket will come from the winner of the Oceania Qualifiers who already have their semi-final duels defined: Solomon Islands vs. Papua New Guinea and New Zealand vs. Tahiti.

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Pot 1: Qatar – Belgium – Brazil – France – Argentina – England – Spain

Pot 2: Denmark – Netherlands – Germany – Switzerland – Croatia – Uruguay

Pot 3: Iran – Serbia – Japan – South Korea

Pot 4: Saudi Arabia – Ecuador – European Repechage (Scotland/Ukraine vs. Wales) – Concacaf Repechage vs. Oceania – Repechage Conmebol vs. Asia

* The pots could be modified after the update of the FIFA ranking on March 31

* 13 other qualifiers are yet to be known: 10 will be defined in the coming days and 3 will be defined in the playoffs in June

This is the FIFA Ranking today that will be updated on March 31 next
This is the FIFA Ranking today that will be updated on March 31 next


The 29 qualified teams, the two intercontinental play-off spots and the UEFA play-off spot will be divided into four groups of eight teams each, based on the World Ranking published on March 31, 2022, once the qualifying window has ended. international matches in March 2022. According to the ranking, the top seven teams, together with the host Qatar, are assigned to group 1. The teams ranked 8 to 15 are assigned to group 2. The teams ranked 16 to 23 are assigned to group 3 and, finally, group 4 includes the teams classified from 24 to 28, in addition to the two places that will be occupied by the winners of the intercontinental qualifiers scheduled for June 13 and 14, 2022 and the UEFA knockout winner’s place.

FIFA’s general principle, wherever possible, is to ensure that no group has more than one team from the same qualification zone. This applies to all zones except Europe, which is represented by 13 teams. Each group must have at least one European team, but no more than two. Thus, five of the eight groups will have two European teams.

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The geographical distribution of the UEFA play-off winner and the two intercontinental play-off winners will also follow the general principle of “separation” of teams from the same qualification zone.

The geographical allocation of each intercontinental play-off slot will be based on the pairings of the confederation teams participating in that specific intercontinental play-off match.


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