This is the easiest way to know if a user follows you on Instagram


Yes, there is no doubt that someone not following you on Instagram is completely a first world problem. However, here we are, and in this article we wanted to offer you a little guide on the easiest way to find out if someone follows you on Instagram.

The social network has been one of the benchmarks in the sector for years, although it still has room for improvement (and a few steps back according to the Kardashians). Regarding the system of followers and followed, it is far from platforms such as Twitter in a small detail: when we go to a profile it does not appear directly if that person follows us.

How to know who follows us on Instagram easily

If you are in the profile of a specific user, you will see that nowhere does it appear if that person follows us directly, something that, as we have mentioned, occurs on platforms such as Twitter. In fact, in the latter mentioned, the ‘Follows you’ sign appears next to the username to warn us that this person is among our followers.

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On Instagram it is also very easy to find out if a person follows us, although the procedure is not immediate. So, if what you want is to know if a specific account follows you, all you have to do is enter the profile of the person in question and click on ‘Following’. In this way, you will be able to know all the people that that user follows.

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However, we do not need to look for ourselves in that list, because if that person follows us, our account in the mentioned section should appear first. So, you don’t need to keep trying, because if your account isn’t at the top of the list, sadly it won’t follow you.

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Another detail to keep in mind is that, if the person follows you on Instagram, but you don’t, the button to start following them will appear. ‘follow too’ instead of just ‘Follow’.

On the other hand, if you remember the person’s username, you can always go to your own profile, and in the ‘followers’see if that person appears in the list.

How to know who follows us on Instagram with third-party apps

To expand the functions that Instagram offers us as standard, we can always also opt for install some third party application like FollowMeter for Android and iOS. Here, in addition to easily knowing which people do not follow us, we can see a list of users who have blocked us, and even a list of people who do not follow us, but who visit our profile often.

The problem with third-party applications is that not all of them work properly, and it involves provide our information to third-party companies (in addition to what you have already offered to Meta when installing Instagram).


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