This is the new WhatsApp function to play audio in the background: you can listen to it even with the screen off


WhatsApp is working on a new feature that will allow us to listen to the audio that someone sends us, while we do other things with our phones within other chats in the messaging tool. the audio can be heard even with your screen off.

For now it can be tested by people who can access the beta for iPhone (like our colleague Iván Linares who has shared these screenshots with us), while it reaches the rest of the users. Even if you have an iPhone, the beta right now is not available to more people than those who are already registered.

For now, they say from WABetaInfo, there is no release date for the activation of the function in the beta of WhatsApp for Android, but it is under development. There is no information now about when this feature will come to the versions that WhatsApp has on desktop.

whatsapp audio

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How it will improve the WhatsApp experience

Taking into account the tendency to multi-activity and the very long audios of many friends and friends send that almost seem like a podcast, surely you had missed this new feature at some point.

Currently, when you are listening to an audio on WhatsApp, if you go to the main menu you can continue listening to it, but if you go to another chat within the app, it stops short. What’s more It doesn’t hold on the second it goes listening to be able to continue listening later from there, but it returns to the beginning of that reproduction.

WhatsApp will allow you to choose the speed to listen to voice messages: one more function that it inherits from Telegram

As you can see in the following screenshot, when you are listening to an audio and you go to other chats within WhatsApp, above is the tool that tells you how the audio is going and that also allows you to pause it.

ios image

Telegram already have this function thanks to which you can listen to audios and stop them while you are writing or reading other chats.


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