This is what a Harkonnen captain looks like in an incredible Dune fan-art signed by a survivalist artist


The material is not official from the video game, but it leaves us with a sample of the talent behind the development of Funcom.

Dune (Funcom)

Good times for the fans of Dune. Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel has just made a big comeback to the big screen at the hands of Dennis Villenueve, who will start shooting his second part in a matter of days, but has also received an applauded RTS adaptation on Steam and has two other video games underway, one of them a survival adventure from Funcom.

We know very little about the project, beyond some conceptual art shared a few months ago. But one thing seems to be clear: behind its development there are true fans of the franchise. And it is that through ArtStation we have recently been able to see a work done as experimentation before going to work at Funcom by two of its designers, with a dark Harkonnen as the protagonist.

It is a contribution by Rui Pereira conceived as a physics exercise in ZBrush, some time before starting to work in the company owned by Tencent. According to the author, he was mainly inspired by the film shot by David Lynch in 1984, although he introduced some more recent concepts to modernize the appearance of the character. André Pires also participated in the design of this captain Iakin Nefud.

Image of Dune (Funcom)

We do not know if this will be the line for the character design of the survival video game, what does seem clear is that its manager already came from previous experience in the worlds of the Atreides, Harkonnen and company. Now it only remains to wait for the presentation of Funcom’s development, which despite being announced in February 2019, within an agreement with Legendary Entertainment, has not been seen.

The one that has started its journey in stores is Dune: Spice Wars, with mostly positive reviews on Steam. The real-time strategy video game has just received its multiplayer in an update with other interesting news.

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