This ‘Language’ teacher punctuates her exams with memes and triumphs on Twitter: you can now download and print her favorites


Our language teacher giving us memes in the exam correction it’s been amazing. […] It has really made my day”. This was written yesterday, Monday, by a 2nd year high school student from Cadiz, the user @isaa_reixach, and Twitter.

A few hours later, the teacher in question ‘raised her hand’ to plead guilty. This is another Twitter user, Noemí —better known as @Librosalaula—, who defines herself in her profile as ‘teacher and librarian’:

This first tweet has already garnered more than 3,000 retweets and 26,000 likes.

His tweet was accompanied by a small sample of the type of ‘memes’ he uses to assess exams, which print on sticker sheets: “In draft quality they come out quite well [de precio]. At least in my printer “, he has affirmed before the questions of users interested in the pecuniary aspect of the initiative.

As she herself explains, “some are classic memes”, collected ‘as is’ from the internet… but most she has done or completed herself using the online tool Canva, which makes it easy for users with little knowledge to create their own designs.

There is only one thing better than memes: medieval memes, and so you can make them

Danger: a student failing on purpose to ‘complete the collection’

A look at the picture shows it full of well-known characters from the networks for memetic fans: from the ‘pollution man’ (“Let’s see, let me see”) to grumpy —and now deceased— cat Tardar Sauce (popularly known as Grumpy Cat), passing through Batman’s slap to Robin, by Sheldon Cooper , or by Belén Esteban.

The topics covered? Syntax and parsing, spelling and punctuation marks, or B/V distinction. It also addresses methodological issues (“What part of ‘reason your answer’ didn’t you understand?”) and falls into either the motivational (“You can!”) or the downright demotivational (“Cover that up”).

Noemí often resorts to pop culture in her ‘Language’ class: another of her students affirms that she dictated phrases from the series ‘Euphoria’

Although the occasional user has not taken the initiative well at all — “the institute was enough trauma for them to laugh like that,” some have even tweeted — Noemí affirms that the reception among her students has been very different:

“In fact, some of them got angry because they didn’t have memes. The next exam will fill it up.”

And not only among his students: his professional colleagues have also shown their enthusiasm with the initiative and have been willing to replicate it…

…to which, Noemí has ​​chosen to upload the three templates to Google Drive (1, 2, 3) in PDF that I had already created. The responses, full of congratulations—and “my favorite is…” tweets— speak for themselves of the positive reception you’ve had your pick of memes.


The meme that every student (and Genbeta writer) wants to see next to what they have written.


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