This large company has hired a robot as CEO: it will guarantee neutrality in decisions and the best treatment for employees


Artificial intelligence is evolving by leaps and bounds to be able to resemble what we see in mythical science fiction movies, being able to manage companies. But what was until now in the movies has become reality in China, where They have appointed a robot named Tang Yu from a video game company as CEO.

This is something revolutionary, since very recently the founder of Alibaba himself stated that In less than 30 years, a robot would appear on the cover of Time magazine as the best CEO.. And at the moment this is something that is being fulfilled with this recent appointment that is revolutionary in the sector.

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Artificial intelligence sneaks into the board of directors of a company

Appointment occurred on August 26 within the Fujian NetDragon Websoft company. In this case, Tang Yu will act as a really effective risk management system to make decisions. In addition, the fact of having an artificial intelligence on the board is also a source of constant wisdom to be able to perform analysis in real time.

Artificial intelligence

And it is that with this data center it will be possible to improve the quality of work tasks and improve the speed of execution. It is even expected have a really important role with the employees by ensuring justice with these and also developing their own talents.

In this case, the president of the company stated that this movement is about adopting the use of AI that has advanced so much in recent years. In this way they will try to operate in a fair manner to drive business growth. And just as if it were traditional software, the company plans to improve its CEO with different algorithms in a company that aspires to be integrated into a metaverse.

what is artificial intelligence

In the future, it is expected that many companies will bet on this type of model on their board of directors, since in the end is taking a step forward in terms of transparency and open management. Keep in mind that in many cases decisions can be “contaminated” by an unneutral vision, something that tries to be solved with this type of artificial intelligence.

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