This PS5 and Xbox Series X recreated with LEGO have made us forget about stock problems


They are built to a real scale, have great detail and their creator seeks to turn them into official sets.

This PS5 and Xbox Series X recreated with LEGO have made us forget about stock problems

If you are not being able to get a PS5 or an Xbox Series X because of terrible stock problems, at least these recreations with LEGO pieces one of the most sought after consoles of the moment can make you smile. They are the work of BrickinNick and have been recreated taking care of even the smallest detail. Both consoles are made to scale and their creator tries to turn them into official LEGO sets.

You need 10,000 votes to see them turned into official productsFor this he has carried out two projects, one for the PS5, where he has confessed that he has encountered difficulties due to its particular design, and another for the Xbox Series X, of which he has praised its elegant appearance. Both are part of the Lego Ideas program, where creative users bring their proposals and try to get the support of the community, requesting 10,000 votes to see them turned into official LEGO merchandise.

Buttons, ports and other details have been recreated to scaleBrickinNick has incorporated hinged lids into their sets to reveal a creative interior that would represent small sets inspired by console video games. In addition to the size and shapes of the console and control, it has shaped the connectors, vents, even parts that are out of sight, such as the battery cover of the Xbox Series X controller, with the batteries included inside.

“Its curves, angles and complex vents made construction extremely difficult, but it all fit together very well. All buttons, ports and other details can be found exactly where would we expect them to be“explained BrickinNick in the description of the PS5 project. Although the creator still has a path to reach 10,000 applications, it would not be unreasonable if we end up seeing any of these two consoles as official LEGO sets, especially after having received the beautiful LEGO Nintendo NES and CRT television replica.

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