This remake of Silent Hill with Unreal Engine 5 expands the desire for a new game in the saga


And if you are wondering the answer is no, this remake will not be available to download and play.

Although rumors about Silent Hill continue to occupy current pages from time to time, the truth is that there is still nothing official about a development of a new horror and suspense video game within the acclaimed series. But that does not prevent his followers from imagining what a remake of the Konami classic in Unreal Engine 5 could be like, leaving us an interesting example that we attach on video.

This one in particular is a work of Codeless Studio in a premature state of development, which serves to imagine some scenes from the first Silent Hill with more modern technologies. Its result still has many gaps to resolve, but the success of the document once again highlights the public’s interest in the franchise, on hiatus since the cancellation of Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills.

Silent Hill

Codeless Studio clarifies in its video that it has no relationship with the Japanese firm, and if you are wondering, its demonstration is not available to play.

Latest Silent Hill news

During the delivery gala of The Game Awards 2021, a comment from Guillermo del Toro raised hopes of a new installment, however soon the film director assured that it was only a criticism of Konami for the treatment of Silent Hill. At the beginning of summer, on the other hand, a collaboration signature of Konami and Bloober Team, authors of The Medium and experts in the genre, made headlines.

Oblivious to the shortage of video games is Resident Evil, where Capcom has been betting on the remake of classic installments of the series with success for several years.

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