This Samsung QLED TV is great for gaming: better than OLED?


In these dates of Black Friday (and, later, Cyber ​​Monday), you are probably thinking about upgrading your television to play in the best possible way in the living room. And it is true that it is not an easy task to choose between so many possible options and between so many different screen technologies. I’ve been enjoying the Samsung QN90B Neo QLED TV these past few weeks, making it my main gaming station, and I have a few takeaways from it and this technology.

It is the first time that I have tried QLED technology, Samsung’s own and incorporated to try to compete with other well-known technologies such as OLED, which brands such as Sony or, above all, LG, have been able to take as their flagship in their main models. It is not exactly the same, although we have tried to make the term as similar as possible, so there are certain differences that are added to the already normal doubts that one may have.

First of all, yeah Samsung’s QN90B Neo QLED TV is wonderful, and gaming is an absolute joy. It is true that you have to get used to its high brightness and a rather tedious menu, but when it is in action, it offers optimal performance if you want to enjoy your video games in the best possible way.

Samsung QN90A Review

This Samsung television has Quantum Matrix technology, which offers more light and contrast in 4K with Mini LED, with more than a billion colors. Added to this is a Neural 4K processor with AI, Quantum HDR 2000 and Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, which allows gaming at 144Hz in 4K. The latter is important, since other televisions do not usually reach these levels and, for example, the newer LG OLED models only go up to 120Hz. To be honest, it’s not a huge difference and, being a television designed to be enjoyed in the living room and not to compete professionally in shooters (where that difference could be minimally noticeable), I wouldn’t take it as something defining.

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The sound did seem better to me than that of the average high-end television, with Dolby Atmos technology with 60W. These Samsung televisions artificially incorporate a kind of sound bar sensation that, although it is not as good as having external audio equipment, it does make the sound come out forcefully. If you are not one of those who want to install sound bars or prefer the television itself to offer a good experience, it is a great option, always keeping in mind that these are very fine pieces that do what they can in this regard.

In practice, to leave us with numbers, it is fantastic. Make the most of the 4K resolution possibilities offered right now by the most cutting-edge games of PS5 or Xbox Series X / S, but thanks to that screen refresh, it also takes advantage of it if we prefer to play in Performance Mode to take advantage of a higher frame rate per second. HDR can be activated, of course, and it also offers good performance in the aforementioned audio.

Samsung QN90A Review

The cloud: play Xbox Game Pass directly from the TV

Yes, this is one of the Samsung TVs that can directly play Xbox Game Pass without having to have one of Microsoft’s consoles thanks to cloud technology. Just by connecting the TV to the internet (via WiFi or, more recommendable, with an ethernet cable), you will open the possibility, along with Geforce Now and Stadia (at least, until it closes).

Here the sensations are a little less clear. By using cloud technology on a television that provides such good performance on consoles, it is certainly a step backwards to enjoy these games at 720p with some drops due to technology or internet connection, although it can still be played. fluid and very nice to most games from these libraries. Honestly, I think it’s a great addition for users who aren’t such regular gamers, or who can’t afford an Xbox and want to tinker with Game Pass from time to time. However, obviously, it is far from offering the same experience as if you were using an Xbox Series X / S directly to play.

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So is QLED better than OLED?

This is very complicated and although I know you would prefer a clearer answer, depends on your own tastes. Samsung’s QLED technology does not offer the same advantages as OLED technology and, for example, where the first offers a brighter screen and colors, the second offers the only pure black on the market, which in turn favors what is shown by the rest of colors.

Without going into more technical aspects that, in the end, is still black on white, I recommend that you try (if you can), both technologies. In case you can’t, I think you will be satisfied with both if you want to play. Personally, for now I am more convinced by the general sensation offered by an OLED, but it is true that in certain video games (the most “bright”, those that use pixel art or cel shading, for example), I have been more convinced with the QLED technology.

Samsung QN90A Review

In any case, they are both very compelling technologies and probably the best you can choose if you want to enjoy a fantastic tv to play games on.

And of course this Samsung QN90B Neo QLED too It is fantastic to enjoy any type of entertainmentwhether they are series or movies, although, in this aspect and on a personal level, OLED technology still seems a little more advantageous to me.

Otherwise, if you can stomach a rather tedious and somewhat creepy general TV menu, you’ll be taking home one of the best pieces of gaming technology on the market right now.

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