This website has so many free and useful tools to convert files that it almost seems like it should be illegal


At Genbeta we are constantly talking about useful tools for tedious but necessary tasks in a simple way. From options to convert PDF files, to solutions to sign documents, convert images, convert videos, or even create animated GIFs. For everything there is a solution.

However, this one that we are going to recommend to you today may be something like the definitive one. It is a website called TinyWow where you get everything we mentioned before and much more in one place, everything is free and there are not even ads.

A site so good it doesn’t seem true … or legal


TinyWow describes itself as a website with “tools that solve your problems with files“. The site has utilities to deal with documents, videos, images, and even URLs and other things.

In total you find 41 tools to do everything online and for free. If you want to work with PDFs, there is a tool to divide them to one to combine them, ways to compress, protect, unlock, sign, convert, and even extract the images from a PDF.

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There are also tons of tools for images, ranging from converting different formats like HEIC, JPG, PNG, SVG, EPS, and even WebP to a different one. But you also have video utilities to trim, mute, compress, resize, and convert videos. There is even a tool to download Facebook videos.

If this is not enough for you, there are things like an MP4 to GIF converter, and XML, JSON and CSV file conversion. You can also find miscellaneous tools such as a “Lorem Ipsum” text generator (to fill in), even a meme generator, or a URL tracker that shows you all the redirects that a link makes.

Now, this all sounds great as long as we trust the privacy policy of its creators. Affirm that all files are deleted after 15 minutes of being processed, and that not only do they not sell your data to anyone, but they also do not have ads or monetization plans at the moment (although they do not rule them out in the future). TinyWow is operated by a media company that runs two technology sites and they believe that these tools can be useful for their users, they claim that at the moment the infrastructure they have allows them to operate these tools at minimal cost.


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